Gino Pozzo Pushes Forward the Success of Watford FC

Gino Pozzo has made a name for himself for taking almost dead low- level football clubs and making them rise to the extent of participating in major flight leagues in their countries. Gino Pozzo owns the reputed Watford Football Club in England, and he continues to be on the spotlight as one of the most prominent figures in sports scenes in Europe.

Gino Pozzo parents were football enthusiasts and they raised him in Udine, Italy. When he was 18 years of age, Gino Pozzo migrated to the USA where he enrolled in Harvard University and earned his Masters. He married a citizen of Catalonia and moved to Spain where he resided for two decades. Gino Pozzo together with his wife and 3 children moved to London where he plunged himself into the daily operations of a football club that he had newly acquired.

The Pozzo family is recognized worldwide for its passion for football. The family’s aggression into the business of sports club ownership commenced when Gino Pozzo’s father bought the Italian Udinese club in 1986 from the profits that he had made from his tool-making business. Gino Pozzo recounted that Football for them kicked off as a passion when his father purchased Udinese. Initially, the purchase of Udinese club was driven by emotional commitment and passion, and the drive to help the club prevail over a trying financial period. Gino Pozzo expounds that the skills and experience he garnered from Udinese have taught him a lot and presently he applies those skills at Watford.

The Pozzo family purchased the Watford Club in 2012 and by then the club was struggling financially. The acquisition of this club made the Pozzo’s family be the only family globally that simultaneously owned 3 football clubs in Spain, England, and Italy. Gino Pozzo zeal for football is at the core of his attachment at Watford and this is notably the secret of his success.

Article Title: Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie Joins Forces With Shaquille O’Neal

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Shaquille O’Neal has signed an $8.25 million deal with Papa John’s and will join their board of directors as its first African-American member, in addition to being the company’s brand ambassador.

CEO and president of Papa John’s Steve Ritchie believes O’Neal “understands how to build lasting connections with consumers and energize employees.”

With more than 120,000 employees and an estimated 5,000 stores, including 1,200 in Louisville, Papa Johns is the third-largest pizza chain in the world. They anticipate O’Neal signing a $8.25 million marketing agreement for three years with the company, to be divided between company stock and cash. It’s expected later this year that he’ll begin promotional material appearances.

Steve Ritchie, who initially met the basketball legend at an Atlanta event O’Neal threw during Super Bowl weekend, said Papa John’s was searching for a board member with restaurant experience, capable of bringing diversity and a spirit of entrepreneurship. For O’Neal’s part, his wish to become a franchisee led to his board membership.

The move, said Steve Ritchie, reflects Papa John’s ongoing efforts to evolve its culture. “One of the specific efforts was in the role of diversity, equity and inclusion.” Ritchie also noted Papa John’s executive leadership team had grown from including one woman to five (two of them African-American) in the last year.

In addition to being an analyst on television’s “Inside The NBA” and the public face of numerous companies like The General insurance, IcyHot, and Carnival Cruise Line for years, “Shaq” has industry experience as the owner and founder of Las Vegas chicken restaurant Big Chicken as well as Shaquille’s, a Los Angeles restaurant, and an Atlanta Krispy Kreme Doughnuts franchise. Becoming an investor in nine Atlanta-area Papa John’s restaurants is part of O’Neal’s new partnership.

Papa John’s board chairman Jeff Smith said O’Neal’s “excellent entrepreneurial background” proves he’s a natural at creative marketing.

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Rick Cofer Helps To Continue Austin Bag Ban

Rick Cofer has been active in a variety of philanthropic causes across Austin and the greater Texas community for decades. Many of these have focused on the likes of the likes of helping disadvantaged youth because of his experience as a criminal defense attorney for minors. However, Mr. Cofer has also been noted to help with a variety of other charitable and environmental causes. One of the most recent of these has been helping to push the single-use plastic bag ban.

However, in the summer of 2018, this ban was quashed by the Texas Supreme Court in a decision that many across Texas disagreed with. The majority of the people in Austin also disagreed with the decision and Rick Cofer was one of those. Having said that, many decided to continue the policy regardless. Mr. Cofer has commented on the matter saying that he believes large retailers will continue to not give single-use plastic bags away for free. He was also one of the chief drivers of the ban in the first place; he was on the Solid Waste Advisory Commission during the bans development.

This is because Rick Cofer has always been involved in a variety of environmental efforts in the area; he’s also helped develop a few parks and recreation areas around Austin. This is because he has long been on the boards for the Austin Parks and Recreation and the Pease Park Conservancy. Throughout this time, Mr. Cofer has always been a significant part of the cities environmental initiatives; it was also the main reason he was behind the bag ban in the first place. When the bag ban was in effect, companies in Texas had to attach a small fee to each of the plastic bags they give customers.

According to medicaldailytimes, over six months, they made approximately $500,000 because of the fee to buy a reusable plastic bag. According to Rick Cofer, this should be a benefit for companies as it will increase their bottom line in Austin and any other area where they voluntarily charge for a reusable plastic bag. This will help fuel future growth and expansion in the area. Rick Cofer Law also pointed out that many businesses in Austin could consider selling cloth reusable bags to their customers instead of the plastic reusable bags that are currently on offer.

This is because plastic reusable bags end up in the bin a lot more often than cloth ones, according to Rick Cofer. Because of that, the likes of cloth bags can have more of an environmentally friendly impact while also having a positive impact on the businesses bottom lines. Because of that, Mr. Cofer is confident that many companies will make the change despite the ban being dropped in the Texas Supreme Court.

LNPs Heather Parry, Making Waves in the Entertainment Industry through Documentaries

On December 2015, Live Nation Productions’ Film and TV Production got a new president in the person of Heather Parry. A giant name in concert promotion, Live Nation has been releasing high-quality documentaries showcasing stories that are musically driven. With Heather Parry’s leadership, the team is bound to achieve greater heights in the entertainment industry.

Heather Parry

The most recent achievement of Live Nation Productions was producing A Star is Born, which stars Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. The 1937 romantic musical movie remake was pursued by Parry the moment she learned that Bradley Cooper is going to star and direct it. Parry is relentless about getting the project and even went to the extent of attending the party thrown by Bill Gerber for Martha Stewart just to secure the project. A Star Is Born received various recognitions and nominations from various award-giving organizations in the entertainment industry. The most recent was the Best Original Song award given at the 91st Academy Awards.

Through Parry’s leadership, Live Nation also produced the documentary titled Eagles of Death Metal: Nos Amis. It tells the story of the Eagles of Death Metal band as they return to Paris. In 2015, a terrorist attack happened at the concert of the band in Bataclan. The documentary received two nominations from the Critic’s Circle Awards.

Heather Parry has a lot of things in production that viewers will surely enjoy watching especially musically inclined ones. Before her career at Live Nation Productions, Parry worked as the Head of Film Production from 2005 to 2015 at Happy Madison Production. She was also the West Coast Bureau Chief from 1993 until 2005 at MTV Films and MTV News. Parry was a relentless force in the entertainment industry with a wide range of knowledge about consumer behavior. Most of the movies she helped produced grossed over $1 billion in global sales because of her strategic movie marketing.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Makes Hair Restoration Non-Evasive with SmartGraph

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a board-certified plastic surgeon practicing at Pine Creek Medical Center and Dallas Medical Center. He went to Michigan Medical School to get his degree. He has been practicing between 11 to 20 years.

He does Minimally Invasive Hair Restoration without surgery using a Smartgraph device. It is performed in his office with quick recovery times and almost no discomfort. It regrows your natural hair, is faster than traditional procedures, has a high success rate and is permanent.

It is usually performed in just one visit. Dr. Jejuikar will numb the area and take a graft from the back of your head using the Smartgraph device. He will numb the area and make small round openings on the area where the implant will go. Placement of each graft must be precise because the angle and placement of each graft have to be perfect. It can take upwards of 5 hours according to how many grafts you need.

The patient can see improvement within 6 months and it will take around a year to see full growth. Your hair will probably shed for a few weeks but that is pretty normal. He will give you instructions on how to care for your hair and scalp while the area is healing. After a couple of days, you can wash your hair as the procedure is non-evasive so there are no sutures to worry about.

Hair loss can take away your self-confidence and make you look older. If you want to restore your full head of hair with minimal downtime, this may just be the procedure you have been looking for.

Herbalife Nutrition set to see revenue growth in 2019

The future is something which everybody needs to think about. The same is true for the business world. It is essential for businesses to invest for the future to make sure they continue growing their marketshare. Herbalife Nutrition has made sure to do this by making investments into significant product development with an eye on increasing its marketshare in the nutritional products space.

Herbalife recently introduced a slew of new products as well as new flavors for the company’s existing brands. During the third quarter of 2018 the nutrition company released 58 new products in 51 different countries across the globe. One of the most notable new products is a high protein iced coffee. This new product is meant to be an alternative to traditional coffee that is more healthy. Herbalife’s new flavors recently released for existing brands take local preferences and tastes into consideration. These new additions to the company’s products portfolio could play a key role in future volume growth in sales during 2019.

Another reason that Herbalife is set to experience significant growth is its direct sales business model. This type of business model utilizes independent distributors, consultants, contractors and sales representatives to directly sell the product to the end user. This differs from a traditional retail model where products are sold through a physical retail location or via e-commerce.

The direct sales business model works well for Herbalife in particular because the nutrition company already has brand recognition in the market due to being in the market for almost 40 years. Therefore, many consumers have already heard of the product even if they have yet to try the product themselves, thus streamlining the sales process and enabling faster revenue growth for the company. Additionally, the direct sales model allows independent salespersons flexibility in scheduling working hours. Hence, the direct sales business model can conform to most lifestyles and schedules, making it easier to recruit more salespersons, resulting in increased revenue growth for Herbalife.,9_IL.10,21_IC1146821.htm


Malcolm CasSelle-The new age of currency

Mr. Malcolm CasSelle who is also known as Malcolm Westley CasSelle is a business person who has been deeply involved in a lot of businesses through the years. He is quite exceptional and dynamic as far as business is concerned. He was born in 1970 22nd March (48years of ages), born of parents who ventured into the food business in Allen town Pennsylvania.

He is as well educated, he went to Stanford University in the United States of America and from there got his master’s degree in computer science, he also went to a private research university known as Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) in Cambridge and from there got a bachelor’s degree in computer science as well.

He has worked in a lot of various companies hence his huge experience in the business. Before he became the chief officer at Worldwide Asset Exchange better known as WAX, he was the chief officer and CTO (chief technology officer) at tronc of the New Ventures previously known as Tribune publishing. Previously before he joined New Ventures, he had joined the digital media of SeaChange international in 2015 and there he served as the vice president and was in charge of running the main day-to-day business activities of the company. Before then, he worked in the digital industry including Xfire, Mediapass and Groupon’s joint venture with Tencent in China where he has led startups. he was the co-founder of an information and communications technology company known as PCCW limited, formerly known as Pacific century cyber works limited which is based in Hong Kong and he has also actively invested in Zynga, Facebook and related companies in Bitcoin.

Currently, Malcolm Westley CasSelle is the Chief Executive Officer World Asset Exchange and the chief information officer of OPSkins. The company is a marketplace that is widely known for purchasing and trading items from online video games. The company is functioned to serve over 400 plus million people who play online and trade and buy in-game items. WAX has accompanied itself with tokens that will widely encourage people who play video games adopt cryptocurrency this will be possible through the transactions of items taking place online.

Jana Messerschmidt Inspiring More Women to Be Part of the Vast Tech Industry through Lightspeed

Jana Messerschmidt is a well-known face in the tech industry. With so few women making a mark in the tech industry, she has been able to prove that women too are great at what they do. She was one of the top executives at Twitter heading the global business development and platform before she left the company to explore new opportunities in the industry. She later joined Netflix as one of their business development executive. Apart from working as an executive, she is also an investor and has made investments in diverse start-ups such as Eero, Bird, Winnie, and others.

Jana Messerschmidt was again in the news recently after she joined Lightspeed. She was one of the six investors who joined the company recently. When she was approached by the company, she was excited as the company has been doing exceptionally well and she wanted to take a break from her regular work. For Jana Lightspeed has come as a ray of hope as the company has about 50 percent of female investing partners currently. Since Jana Messerschmidt has mainly worked as in the operating position so far, she felt that investment was the right path for her.

Jana Messerschmidt feels that there are many different things that allowed her to make her decision of joining Lightspeed. Even though she has been an investor for a while now, she is looking forward to mentoring the team at Lightspeed. For Jana Lightspeed is a way to learn from the experience of her partners. She is happy to work with some great founders at the new company and also be part of their wonderful vision that they have for their company. She also wants to make an impact and encourage more women to join the tech industry. She wants to inspire more women to become entrepreneurs.

Hair Care and Treatments

Through the years developments in hair treatments have been through the roof! Modern beauty treatments have evolved to the point where they can do so much good or harm to the hydration and health of hair. Between coloring and the constant snipping, split ends and irregular growth can occur causing some women to feel self-conscious and insecure about their physical appearance; thankfully there are amazing treatments available.

When choosing hair care, or hair restoration products it is important to know what your hair type is so you have an understanding of what products to look for. This can easily be check through research online on Wikipedia and comparisons of other people’s experiences with similar products. For a large variety of hair care products for all hair types, I recommend WEN hair care products by Chaz Dean.

Chaz Dean Products have amazing ratings and an array of packages with all the best items and scents. Each bundle includes a cleansing conditioner, anti-frizz styling cream, and nourishing mousse. More is included with a deluxe package.

Although there are thousands of product options WEN Sweet Almond Mint Re Moist Hair Treatment has never steered me wrong and are highly suggested by others. With their incredible blend of ingredients, and lack of harsh chemicals, you won’t need to use shampoo with the conditioner but you will still be left with clean and well-hydrated hair. You may also be happy to know that none of WEN products are tested on animals and work well with all hair types and textures.

In conclusion, hair care is an important part of any woman’s beauty regimen and should be treated with the very best products. Make sure you do your own research and find out what is best for your lifestyle and hair. Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with it! For more info, check out