Arthur Becker and the New York Real Estate Scene

Arthur Becker is a real estate mogul who brings a varied background to his work. For 20 years he was married to fashion designer Vera Wang, and though they are separated now, there’s no doubt that they shared a lively interest in the arts. This interest infuses Becker’s work in many ways, making him an engaging presence that sees opportunities others might miss.

His work as a real estate investor began after he saw promise in some early startup companies in Silicon Valley, back in the early 2000s. The success of those investments leads him to his work in the New York real estate world.

Becker’s most recent project is the 8-unit luxury condo building at 564 Washington Street. This is the first project he’s been involved in from “the ground up,” as his prior projects saw him acting as a silent investment partner. The Washington Street building is now valued at $52.5 million. Not bad for an investor who’s an artist at heart.

Before he started the Washington Street project, Arthur Becker acted as an investor with his partners Michael Stern and Robert Gladstone. Their project was called 10 Sullivan Street, and its success lead to a great transaction for Becker. His partners bought out his share by trading him three adjacent properties. Becker is planning to sell two of those buildings and make the other his residence. Not a bad deal, at all.

According to The Real Deal, the 10 Sullivan Street deal came about after he partnered with Michael Stern and Kevin Maloney. They were investing in the luxurious Billionaire’s Row condo at 111 W. 57th Street. The great timing and success of that venture are what lead Becker on to Sullivan Street.

When not making real estate deals, Becker enjoys collecting art and also working in his art studio. He realizes he’s had good timing as part of his success as an investor, but he obviously has a sense of what works and what is coming in the market. Everyone is looking forward to where his sense of timing will lead him next.

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