Eric Lefkofsky Creates Tempus to Establish Data-Driven Cancer Treatment

Jim Dalke wrote an article for ChicagoInno titled ““Eric Lefkofsky’s Self-Funded Mission to Cure Cancer Through Data”. Dalke reveals the recent shift of the Groupon co-founder to a company that will change the medical industry.

According to the article, Lefkofsky was actually not interested in starting another company at this point in his career. However, life intervened when his wife was diagnosed with cancer. As he took her to see different doctors and specialists, he realized that the process was incredibly confusing on the patient’s side. There simply wasn’t enough qualitative data or information to make accurate or informed decisions for treatment and read full aritcle.

That’s when Lefkofsky decided a change was necessary, so he started Tempus. He co-founded the company with his long-time business partner, Brad Kewell. The company seeks to shift the medical industry by creating data-driven cancer treatments. By creating an operating system with machine learning and a library of molecular data, doctors will be able to use the information of previous patients to help provide a more accurate treatment plan for their current patients with similar molecular composition. By looking into the tumors and perceiving the possible mutations, doctors can create a treatment plan that is personalized for each person.

Lefkosky hopes that Tempus will become his greatest work, creating a paradigm shift in the medical industry. He finds it strange that such advanced technology is given to more mundane activities when the doctors are making decisions that affect the lives of so many patients. By pairing the clinical data available in the library with the patient’s molecular information, Tempus will allow the doctors to create a more precise treatment plan in the hopes of creating more effective solutions.

Eric Lefkofsky has always sought to change the world. In 2006, he created a charity with his wife that supports international education, science, and charitable causes. He also joined The Giving Pledge that inspires the wealthy to leave the majority of their net worth to altruistic causes and learn more about Eric.

Mr. Lefkofsky has also been a serial entrepreneur. Most notably, he co-founded Groupon which offers people incredible deals and discounts. Yet, he has also created companies like Lightbank, MediaBank, and Uptake and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

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