How Customer Reviews Have Been A Huge Factor In The Growth Of Fabletics

The power of the crowd has become one of the key drivers of consumer behavior. Brands like Fabletics know this fact only too well. In the internet age where most of the people do their shopping online, that is devoid of the physical interaction that comes with purchases in physical stores; consumers need to know whether they can trust online retails. Where else can they find recommendations on where to shop other than from their fellow peers?


The customer of today has evolved, they want to know what other people who used the same product have to say about the services and the products themselves. They need these reviews before they can decide between buying into a certain brand or not. Reviews that have been written about an individual product or service play a vital role in determining whether a client will trust an online retail store to place an order with them.


Just like in the old days when people relied on the positive reviews from word of mouth, they now believe in crowd-sourced reviews.


Most brands that are keen on capitalizing on the new business opportunities that the internet has to offer are more keen on how they can maximize their gains through product reviews.

Fabletics is one of the most disruptive brands that have taken the fashion industry by storm. The Athleisure brand has paid a particular interest in customer reports. This strategy of embracing reviews has enabled the company to double its growth and post excellent results regarding annual revenue.


According to one of the top business leaders at TechStyle Fashion Group, the success of Fabletics has been achieved primarily by the strategy of embracing reviews.

Rapid growth at the fashion company is credited to the exploitation of product reviews. Some of the reviews contribute positively to enterprises are by increasing customer acquisition, ensuring that a company maintains a high customer retention and ensuring that a business’ clientele remains loyal.


Other than her acting career, Something else that seasoned actress Kate Hudson is so passionate about is Fabletics. The enterprise started in the year 2013 as a disruptive athleisure brand that was keen on empowering women and making them attain self-love. Through hard work and determination, Kate Hudson alongside her team has been to turn Fabletics into a million dollar company. According to celebrities such as Demi Lovato, Fabletics is a representation of real inspiration to women and entrepreneurs who are keen on creating successful brands.

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