OCC Gets a New Recycling Center

With the current global environmental concerns,Orange Coast College (OCC) has demonstrated to the nation and the world that it is a forward-thinking college by constructing a new recycling center. The new facility opened its doors on 21 August 2017.

Mike Carey, Environmental Sustainability Coordinator, stressed the convenience offered by the new recycling center. He says that the number of people visiting the facility has increased by over 25%. He attributes the increase to the ample parking space available for the facility’s visitors as the well as diversification of materials accepted at the new recycling center. Carey further states that the new plant will increase the revenue stream for students, and encourage members of the public to recycle materials. He hopes that more people will start using the service as soon as the college commences intense advertising in print, media, and inserts in utility bills.

The new OCC Recycling Center now recycles plastics, used grease and papers among other recyclable goods. Once the recyclables are sorted, they are taken to different places where they will be reused. For example, Aluminum cans are transferred to Irwindale, glass is transported to Los Angeles, and plastic is taken to Perris to be transformed into new useful products. Cans weighing less than 24 ounces are recycled at $0.05 while those above 24 ounces are charged $0.1. Jerry Mckinzie, a user of the new recycling center, states that he gets over $40 every time he visits the center with recyclables. Learn more: http://www.occsailing.com/

The new recycling center was constructed through the efforts of many people. Carey notes that the facility received funding from Associated Students of Orange Coast College (ASOCC), Measure M, and CR&R; they donated $1.5 million $5 million, and $500000 respectively. One of the donors, ASOCC, through its Office Coordinator, April Hampton, lauded the facility for being revolutionary.

According to the students who work at the new OCC Recycling Center, the facility is now enticing. There are new showers installed for students to shower before going to lectures. Saul Madrigal, a student who works at the center, was enthused over the new parking slots. She also appreciated the steady flow of work in the new facility.

OCC is a community college in Orange County, California. The institution was built in 1947, and it is now the third largest community college in Orange County. OCC prides itself on having exceptional facilities and the latest in technology.

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