George Soros and his Impact on the 2016 Election

George Soros is someone who has spent his entire life working toward something greater than himself. Soros is well known for his work at the Soros Hedge Fund, an investment firm that he has turned into one of the greatest in American history. However, George Soros has always worked to make himself more than just a successful businessman. Soros is one of the most notable progressive philanthropists in the world today. He has worked steadily toward becoming one of the leading voices in the progressive party as well. The 2016 presidential election campaign between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was surely one for the history books and now, more than ever, the participants are coming into sharp focus. One quiet participant is George Soros but his effects will be long lasting.

George Soros has been a player in American politics for a long time but he has mostly been on the state and local side of things. The last time Soros went in for a national election he supported Al Gore in his run up against George Bush. Gore would ultimately fall short in what would end up being a controversial election (Recount!). Still, Soros made his introduction loud and clear. He was here, ready, and willing to throw in with causes that he knew actually mattered and more information click here.

Along those same lines George Soros decided to return to the political spotlight in 2016 thanks to the rise of the caustic and toxic Donald Trump. Soros saw just how dangerous Trump could be and he knew that something had to be done. Michael Vachon, one of Soros’ political advisers, admitted that the stakes were simply ‘too high’ to be ignored. Soros knew that Trump couldn’t be ignored and that meant throwing in with Hillary Clinton and supporting many of the qualified progressives that were on the ticket for election.

George Soros acme out of the box swinging and he put all of his money where he could render the biggest changes. Soros would donate $7 million directly to Hillary Clinton’s PAC and he would go on to donate a total of $25 million to political action committees up and down the progressive roster that focused on things he cared strongly about: voting rights, immigrant rights, the fight to end gerrymandering and more. George Soros was ready to put his money where his ideals were in order to make a difference in the election campaign and learn more about George.

The return of George Soros probably inspired more change than anything else during 2016. Soros was able to bring in a sizable amount of millionaire donors who once more were ready to support progressive candidates. With George Soros in action suddenly progressives had their own financiers to rely upon and George’s lacrosse camp.

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