George Soros Uses Open Society Foundations to Help the Less Fortunate

George Soros is a prominent billionaire who is actively involved in American politics and policy development. Known for his savvy investment as well as philanthropy, Soros is committed to making the society a better place for the suffering. Although he is wealthy, his journey has not been an easy one. Soros was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. In fact, he experienced firsthand mistreatment as a child. Growing up in Budapest, there was territorial chaos in which many families were assassinated. Soros survived because his father presented falsified documents, concealing their identity and more information click here.



The born 1930 visionary man survived the Nazi Regime which followed a communist ruling. Relocating to London after the intolerance, Soros attended the London School of Economics. In 1956, he relocated to New York and delved in finance and investment. Vastly grasping the market trends, Soros started to establish a strong economic foundation with aggressive techniques as well as strategies. Soros was determined to make it big in life given his nasty past as a child. Having been raised in a harsh environment, he took a path that defended the voiceless in the society. His mission has always been appended to helping such people by initiating policies that would speak for them.



When in school, Soros admired the works of Karl Popper in the open society and its enemies. The book gives a scientific illustration of science and philosophy as well as a critique of totalitarianism. To Soros, the book was a guide to the future and the ideologies of truth as well as the impact of having societies that operate on a free as well as the open platform. He was also inspired by the fact that the book capitalized on humanity and the need for human rights to co-exist. Soros was profoundly influenced to date. Basically, his inspiration roots from the ideologies of Popper and learn more about George.



In 1952, Soros graduated to join the job market. He landed an investment deal at Wall Street Journal. Working as a broker, Soros garnered extensive investment experience. Feeling knowledgeable enough, he opened a hedge fund called the Soros Fund. He later renamed it the Quantum Fund. Soros was aggressive to the point of securing $12 million asset funds from investors and follow his Twitter.



In 1979, Soros founded Open Society Foundations. Having garnered sufficient funds from initial investments, he was sure that he could sustain a charity organization. Open Society Foundations is a project that converges charity organizations with the aim of sensitizing the society on the importance of humanity. Open Society Foundations seeks to clarify human rights to the people. According to Soros, every imperfect situation can be improved. Presently, Soros is highly sought after for advice when it comes to human rights and issues affecting humanity. He is dedicated to making the society a comfortable living place for everyone despite their race or beliefs and contact him.

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