How Kate Hudson has Proven to be a Successful Force behind Fabletics

Kate Hudson has outdone herself as far as attaining success in the fashion e-commerce market is concerned. In fact, she steers a $250 million enterprise in a market where Amazon has a 20% control stake. Previously, both quality and price have been used to define high-value brands. However, times have changed, and a recent alteration in economics has rendered the combination less effective in guaranteeing success or ensuring competitiveness. Currently, new determiners of what ought to be considered high-value include exclusive design, customer experience, last-mile service, brand recognition, customer experience and gamification elements.


How Fabletics is Different from her Competitors


  • Reverse Showrooming


Showrooming has been a significant impediment for most brands. However, the unique manner by which Fabletics began its operation has helped it in not only reversing the model but also benefiting from it. The company has managed to turn browsing into an advantage. About 30 to 50% of the individuals that walk into Fabletics stores are usually members while another 25% converts into members in the shops.


  • Online Data


For Fabletics, displaying the appropriate content in both the physical and digital is fundamental to prevent the destruction of the client’s brand journey. The company stocks its stores based on store heat-mapping data, local members, real-time sales activity, and social media sentiment.


  • Focus on People, culture, and Accessibility


Fabletics can rank among the growing number of risk-positive, data-aware, and nimble brands that understand the modern or new consumer. It is also continuously defining itself in the market through enterprise technology, data science, exclusive product, and scaling the company with ROI based media.


Kate Hudson


Kate Hudson is well known for her instrumental role in spearheading Fabletics to its current status. Recently, she led the brand into launching its first-ever partnership with a celebrity, Demi Lovato. For the pop superstar, she is attracted by what the company stands for including empowering and inspiring women. According to the president of Fabletics, Gregg Throgmartin, Kate Hudson resonates well with the Fabletics brand in that she does not take herself too seriously, approachable and boasts an active lifestyle.


Kate Hudson uses the Fabletics gear for her workout sessions unlike most other celebrities who hardly use the products that they endorse. This attribute could be owed to the fact that she only purses what is authentic to her. Kate has also stood by Fabletics against all the odds such as negative publicity from fellow celebrities like Cher. Thanks to her, Fabletics boasts a new data system and an improved customer service department.


Taking up Fabletics’ Lifestyle Quiz allows the company to know the ideal gear for you. It helps to determine your fashion tastes and preferences as a new member.

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