Louis Chenevert’s Exceptional Legacy at UTC

The tall 6’5” height is a perfect reflection of his achievements that involves his fourteen years of experience at St. Therese Production General Manager of the General Motors and his work as the chief executive officer and chairman of the United Technologies Corporation (UTC). Born in the French-Canadian region, Louis Chenevert received his bachelor’s degree from the Universite de Montreal, Ecole des Hautes etudes commerciales (HEC). Here he studied production manager.

Chenevert was at General Motors for over a decade; later he worked at Pratt and Whitney business section of United Technologies Corporation. After working for the Pratt and Whitney section for six years, he became the president of the whole Pratt and Whitney division in the year 1999. He worked in this station for seven years and was later voted Chief Executive Officer and president of UTC.

Under his leadership are significant accomplishments he accomplished as the president of the conglomerate, worth about $ 100 billion. Many other corporate leaders are still to realize throughout there the whole career what Louis got in just a year. One of his fundamental points of in the early years of his leadership was the achievement of Goodrich. After negotiations, which lasted about a year with the administrators at Goodrich, they then agreed to a purchase contract worth $18.4 billion.

In Chenevert’s way of stewardship, it involves focusing on investing in both the most sophisticated technology and people. From the point where Louis became the president of the UTC, he was determined to use his experience and level of know-how to enable great improvements in the organization and leave it way better than he found it.

A distinct and admirable rank of Louis’s presidency at the UTC was his ability to forward-think and select projects with the biggest potential of boosting the firm’s vision and always inspiring individuals to work at ensuring these projects are successful.

According to a report from Forbes, from 1993 when Louis became officially part of Pratt and Whitney engine business, he has always been championing achievements that have resulted in a consistent growth of the share of the market by UTC.

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