Luiz Carlos Trabuco Changes The Future Of Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is one of the leading people in the banking industry today. He did a great job while he was the CEO at Bradesco. Although he recently decided to leave the company, there are still many things that people can learn from his time at the company.

Not only was he able to increase sales and profits, but Luiz Carlos Trabuco was also able to change the culture of the company. There are many people who are excited about the future of the company. Bradesco has already started to search for the next CEO to replace him. Although he will be missed, the next CEO has a great opportunity to take the company to a new level.

Early Career

Luiz Carlos Trabuco had a dynamic career in the banking industry. Although he grew up in a poor family, he never wanted to stay poor. He did everything that he could to increase his overall knowledge on a variety of subjects. Not only did he go to school, but he decided that he was going to attend college in University of Sao Paolo.

College was difficult to get into at the time. Not only that, but there were no loan programs for students who wanted to attend college without the cash to pay for it. Luiz Carlos Trabuco had to work multiple jobs and save all of his money in order to go to school. Although it was tough, he was able to graduate and earn a degree in business.

One of the jobs that he had while in school was at a small bank. While he was working there, he was able to take on a variety of jobs in order to gain experience in the field. There are many people who have learned from him over the years.


Culture Change

When Luiz Carlos Trabuco became the CEO of Bradesco, there were many problems that he had to deal with. First of all, the company was in a bad financial state. Not only were sales declining, but the overall direction of the economy was going down. In addition, the culture at Bradesco was terrible. The turnover rate was among the highest in the industry. Luiz Carlos Trabuco knew that he had to fix the culture before he could make the changes that he wanted to in the business.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco decided to start making drastic changes in order to improve morale. Not only did he increase the pay for workers, but he also offered flexible schedules for people who wanted them. This allowed people to come and go as they pleased if they finished all of their work. This was a huge benefit that many employees enjoyed. Over a long period of time, the turnover rate at the company would eventually drop.

Future Plans

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has numerous plans for the future. Although he is no longer the CEO at Bradesco, he is still heavily involved in the banking industry according to Many companies ask his advice on a variety of issues. In the coming years, he wants to spend a lot of time with his friends and family.

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