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The Britain born diplomat, Daniel Taub disclosed his Israeli-ambassador certification to Her Royal Highness — during their first meeting. After honoring her with a head bow, Mr. Taub’s distinct outfit also presented an affirmation of his position, including the kippah. As an Israeli immigrant for more than 29 years, Taub detailed his view as a representative to the Queen.



With the fact, he had converted to and practiced Orthodox Judaism; Daniel Taub expressed his gratitude about having a double privilege. For Mr. Taub, recognizing Israel’s exile history and his family history in Britain is an excellent opportunity for raising his children in Israel. He shared with her the noble purpose of representing foreign citizens and the possibility to bring two countries closer.



Further, other guests in Britain’s Jewish community voiced Taub’s perspectives in having a common cause between the United Kingdom and Israel. The Israeli representative is well familiar with the country’s difficulties and presenting the citizen’s issues before their government. He has held many discussions with the media in Israel about the people’s willingness to cooperate with other states, for the sake of peace.



Thus, Jerusalem has had the pleasure of a long-standing connection with Britain under P.M., David Cameron’s guidance. Former London ambassador Daniel Taub believes the close association will continue under elected Prime Minister Theresa May — a proven friend of the Jewish community and Israel. Mr. Taub’s sentiments about Britain and Israel are the two countries must stay together on their collective efforts. And, this is despite the tense changes happening in the Middle East.



As the world’s financial and news center, Britain must play an essential part in Europe. Furthermore, the Middle East’s turmoil on the subject of how Iran secondarily supports ISIS and the war attacks in Gaza is the heart of the discussion among today’s ambassadors. Therefore, the primary concern is how Iran is receiving millions of dollars from its agencies and whether they would be truthful by keeping a peacetime agreement. At present, Iran’s nuclear capacities should be a worry for Israel and other countries.



However, Daniel Taub also recognizes the flexibility of Israel’s friendship agreement with Jordan and Egypt because of much disorder in the region. For other nations such as London, Saudi Arabia, and America, we share many of the same concerns. These interests provide an opportunity we can all build on and act as one in the confrontation against any violent disturbance or threat.



So, Mr. Taub is a native of Great Britain during the year 1962. He received his education in London at University College and Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. In 1989, he migrated to Israel and trained to become a combat medic in the Israel Defense Forces.


Moreover, as a representative of Israel to the UK from 2011 through 2015, Daniel Taub worked many other diplomatic and legal positions. Learn more: http://www.parashadiplomatit.com/




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