Securus Technologies Is Addressing Illegal Cellphone Use In Prisons

Few people will deny the fact that the current prison system has serious issues. The overcrowding, lack of proper supervision, and proper rehabilitation methods give prisoners the right to act like caged animals instead of repenting offenders. Prisons in every state deal with gangs that have their own code of justice and their own form of governing. A prison in Northern California has six distinct gangs behind bars, and all of them use the prison system to do their gang dirty work on the outside. Gangs like the Mexican Mafia, the Aryan Brotherhood, the Nuestra Familia, the Northern Structure, and the Black Guerrilla Family are able to communicate with their brothers on the outside using cellphones that get through the prison security systems. Once these cellphones are in the hands of these modern-day mafia type members, things happen outside of prison walls, and those things are not pretty. Crimes are the flavor of the day when prison gang members order gang members on the outside to do their dirty work. Ordinary people feel the impact of these contraband communication weapons, and the prison system didn’t have a way to stop the illegal cellphone epidemic until now.



Securus Technologies is the company that provides legal communication services and other prison products that help prison officials deal with issues that are not part of the typical package of services that the criminal justice system puts in place. The system doesn’t want to initiate some services due to budget restraints, and the lack of proper supervision. Securus is the king when it comes to setting up phone calling systems that provide video calling and video visits as well as regular phone calls to friends and family. Securus executives know the importance of getting rid of illegal cellphones, but those executives know prisoners will always find a way to get their hands on an illegal cellphone. So Securus developed a Wireless Containment System that blocks cellphone signals inside of prisons. The Securus Wireless Containment System can also detect the location of these illegal phones when a phone is in use.



According to the feedback from prisons across the country, the Securus Wireless Containment System is working better than prison officials expected. Several prison officials thought the system wouldn’t work until they tried it. Thousands of prison officials are giving the Securus system a thumbs up. Detecting illegal cellphone use is changing the behind bars environment in prisons. And the Securus system is also boosting public safety by keeping prison gang members silent. The Securus location-based software is helping sheriff departments recoup cash, high-end goods, and drugs. According to several prison officials, the Securus recovery tool is becoming an essential weapon in the quest to make prisons function like prisons instead of holding cells for high-functioning gang members.




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