Obsidian Energy, A Trusted Canadian Oil And Gas Producer

When it comes to Canadian oil and gas, there is one producer that is starting a new chapter of transformation. That company is Obsidian Energy. You might not be familiar with that name and that is because they emerged from the company that used to be Penn West Petroleum Ltd. You might not know it but Penn West had already underwent massive changes that helped to redefine the company and its future growth. With that work already mostly finished, they took the name Obsidian Energy and moved forward in a positive direction.


One thing that Obsidian Energy to focus on is discipline and accountability, not just to the shareholders, but, to the employees, workers and communities where the company operates. They also wanted to make sure there was a better care for the environment as a whole. As the industry evolved, the company known as Obsidian Energy wanted to be right there to mirror the evolutionary changes.


Obsidian Energy is a company that is full of drive and passion that is, well, relentless simply because we love what we do. As a medium sized oil and gas producer they produce around 30,000 boe per day using their high-quality assets and highly skilled team of organizational leaders. Strategically placement helps to provide the growth and bottom line results that allow the company to achieve success. With areas like Alberta Viking, Cardium and Peace River all working together we are producing heavy oil, light oil and natural gas. Visit This Page to learn more.


As every oil and gas production company should be, Obsidian Energy is taking the word responsibility to heart. They understand that it should be safety first. As a result, they are doing everything they can to keep everyone safe and thins includes workers, community and the environment. By making a positive impact in the areas they operate, they are being responsible and assuring that their company will be around for many years to come. This is more than just a great business practice, it is a great idea to treat both people and the environment with the respect that they both deserve. That’s what makes Obsidian an evolving company poised for success.


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