Richard Blair – Investor and Adviser for over Two Decades

Richard Blair is in the business of providing much needed financial advice via his firm, Wealth Solutions in Texas. Richard Blair reflects the philosophy of Wealth Solutions to offer a steady investment strategy. Wealth Solutions provides methods to deal with finances, especially for those at the end of their career and facing retirement.



The investment agenda of Wealth Solutions is focused on three assertions. First, the firm helps an individual recognize its financial plan. It then analyzed its limitations, soundness, aims, and hardiness in the eventuality of economic threats. The next step involves the creation of a sustainable scheme of investments that matches the client’s requirements. The plan is conceived in such a way that it faces the least possible deficits when the financial market sinks and shows optimum growth when stock prices rise. Finally, insurance needs are dealt with. These include life indemnity and annual payments.



Richard Blair was always a keen learner and graduated from Finance at the University of Texas. He began his professional career in finance in the year 1993. Richard Blair has been providing financial governance help to individuals and groups for over two decades. Soon after, in 1994, he created a company called Wealth Solutions to advise and facilitate investment. The firm also helps seniors with finance management at retirement. Richard Blair is a certified advisor. He holds the certification as a Certified Fund Specialist (CFS), Certified Annuity Specialist (CAS), Certified Income Specialist (CIS), Certified Estate and Trust Specialist (CES), Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP) and Certified Tax Specialist (CTS).



Richard Blair via Wealth Solutions provides investment consultation to various persons of different strata of society, be it wealthy individuals or small business holders. Their services are spread over Austin as well as places such as Bastrop, Georgetown, Marble Falls, New Braunfels and Houston. Richard Blair’s fortune governance is based on the principle of working together with clients. This creates a relationship of trust. A client’s personal financial goals are also understood, and a plan customized to the investor’s aims is developed. Investment planning by Wealth Solutions includes college, retirement as well as estate arrangements. A retirement scheme is worked out by incorporating an investor’s lifelong financial goals, the current wealth situation, and the kind of financial future a client a client desires. A combined strategy wherein investing in funds for college and simultaneously protecting retirement investments can also be worked out with help from Wealth Solutions.


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