How Roberto Santiago became a Successful Entrepreneur

Recently, there has been a revolution in the way people shop due to the construction of shopping malls. One of the nations experiencing this shopping revolution is Brazil. Roberto Santiago is an accomplished businessman who has contributed a lot to the rise of Brazil’s economy. Roberto is the founder and owner of the famous Manaira Shopping Mall which is in Brazil. The main aim of establishing the shopping mall was to offer Brazilians a new shopping experience. The journey of Roberto Santiago as an entrepreneur started decades ago when he began a cartonnage company. The company was involved in the manufacturing and designing of cardboard cartons.


Under the leadership of Roberto Santiago, the cartonnage company was able to experience tremendous growth and success. Roberto also became involved in the allotment field which helped him get the skills and experience needed to succeed as an entrepreneur. Being a diverse entrepreneur, Robert Santiago also has in the past invested in the business of real estate in the Joao Pessoa city. He has over the years earned reputation as one of the most skilled and successful entrepreneurs in Brazil and the world in general. Roberto Santiago ventured into the development of property in the year 1989 when he decided to establish Manaira Shopping Mall. The prestigious shopping mall is in the Joao Pessoa city of Brazil.


The Manaira Shopping Mall has brought a lot of recognition to the Joao Pessoa city which is known for its breath-taking beaches. For people who are seeking total enjoyment and relaxation, the Manaira Shopping Mall is the place to be. The shopping mall took approximately two years for its completion. The Manaira Shopping Mall is among the city’s most magnificent landmark structures. The shopping mall offers services to people from all parts of Brazil as well as tourists from all over the world who come seeking fun and relaxation. The Roberto Santiago Shopping Mall consists of the Domus Hall Concert which has helped Brazil to be placed in the global map. The shopping mall comprises a gaming area, food courts, a fitness center, a college, a theatre, banks and a rooftop concert hall. The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall has 11 entertainment rooms which are stylishly-equipped.


Roberto Santiago was born in Brazil in the year 1968 and was brought up in Joao Pessoa city. The prolific businessman attended the Pio X-Marist College and the Joao Pessoa University Center where he acquired a bachelor’s degree in business administration. The success of Roberto as an entrepreneur comes from discipline, passion, commitment and hard work. He serves as a role model and mentor to the young and upcoming entrepreneurs in the city of Joao Pessoa and Brazil at large.


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