The Frontera Fund Looks To Support The DACA Program From Attacks By GOP Extremists

The DACA program has been under attack recently by GOP extremists, and organizations that work to protect the rights of young immigrants to the United States are on high alert. DACA, which is the acronym for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals offers undocumented youth who fit the bill a chance to avoid being deported and also gives them a social security number. Along with this, DACA helps give these young immigrants a chance to work in the United States and the chance to get a driver’s license. It also works with some young immigrants to give them a chance to pay in-state fees while going to college.


One governor and nine attorneys general signed their names on a letter released by General Ken Paxton, Texas’s Attorney General, and directed towards the Trump administration. The contents of the letter asked the administration to overturn the DACA program by the fifth day of September. If the administration did not bend to the will of the attorneys and the governor, they threatened to take legal action by slowly phasing out new applications. The Secretary of Homeland Security, John Kelly, and the Hispanic Caucus met behind closed doors to discuss DACA and the legal attacks that are taking place.


DACA has been around for five years, and it has been benefiting Hispanics who are studying, working, or doing both under the protection of the program. These young immigrants are not only contributing large sums of money to universities and colleges in the United States, but they are also paying higher tax rates due to receiving an education that allows for them to find higher paying work. These immigrants also buy homes, cars, and startup businesses that contribute to the U.S. economy.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin started up the Frontera Fund, which is an organization that works to support and fund other Latino organizations. These other organizations fight for the rights of Latinos and especially those Latinos who are being abused or mistreated by racist officials who are in power. Some of the organizations that the Frontera Fund supports include the American Immigration Council, American DREAM Act Coalition, The Florence Immigrants And Refugee Rights Project, and of course, DACA. The orginization known as DACA hopes to continue its work to help younger immigrants receive higher pay, better education, and all of the rights that they should be able to enjoy by becoming a part of the United States.


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