Doe Deere’s Innovative Appeal

Nature is full of a kaleidescope of colors, yet for years, most of the major cosmetics brands have limited themselves to a spectrum of reds and pinks in lip and cheek color. Finally, it seemed time for someone to start shaking up the cosmetics scene, and an innovative Internet entrepreneur named Doe Deere is finally doing just that.


Doe Deere’s Background as an Innovator


Doe Deere is the guiding force behind Lime Crime Cosmetics, the Internet online makeup brand that has been shaking up the beauty industry since it launched back in 2007-2008. Deere is a Russian emigre who spent a lot of time in New York growing up. She has a musical background and was involved in a band for a while, and also studied fashion. Finally, she left school and decided she knew enough to sell her fashion designs online, using some of the marketing approaches she’d developed while promoting her band. The vivid colors of her clothing line were popular, but it wasn’t until she started playing with makeup and making youtube tutorials to sell her products that she realized she’d found her calling.



Deere found that people responded enthusiastically to her makeup and her tutorials, so she launched her own product line, and then started developing new products that would give her line a feeling of freshness and innovation.


The bold colors are one of the qualities of Lime Crime that really stands out. Deere says her products appeal to women who are “unicorns.” Lime Crime women are intriguing and whimsical like unicorns, and they stand strong behind the styles they love. They have a rock and roll vibe and they are comfortable being totally themselves, which is why they have no problem using bold colors like blue and purple on their lips and hair.


Internet Savvy


Another area that sets Lime Crime apart is the company’s very savvy use of the Internet for product promotion. Lime Crime’s Instagram page is interactive. It features photos of real Lime Crime users wearing the makeup styles they’ve created using the products. By inviting customers onto the page to show off and share their looks, Lime Crime created a sensation. The page now has more than a million users, with more coming in every day. The page is not only a community for those who love the products, but it’s also an ongoing promotion for Lime Crime and the amazing looks it can help create.


Lime Crime’s product line has many customer favorites, and it all just keeps on growing. Not bad for a rock and roller who finally discovered herself via a Unicorn beauty aesthetic.


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