Ara Chackerian Is Dedicated To Bettering The Healthcare Industry

Ara Chackerian has always been passionate about his work in philanthropy, which has been fueled by his success as an entrepreneur and investor over many years. The majority of his focus has been on companies that are in need of extra help to get started or really pushing their way into the market. Even more so that that, Ara has made the majority of his investments and startups in the healthcare industry. Each and every day, Ara focuses on challenging himself to accomplish his goals for both businesses, investing, and philanthropy. Part of the enjoyment of doing what Ara Chackerian does is being able to help improve the world for the better, especially for his own family, which has helped him greatly over the course of his career.

Ara Chackerian has innovated on the various ways of doing things when it comes to the healthcare industry, which he has stated is a primary focus for him do to his own life experiences. According to Ara, he has faced many hard times in his life just like most others do, but he had thankfully had the support of his family to help him in both his personal life and his career. Check out to see more.

For Ara Chackerian, digital healthcare is one of his primary focuses these days, as he wants to see it expand in the near future. Mental health care is important, and just as critical to everyone’s health as any other form of medical care. This is why digital healthcare will greatly help those in need of medical treatments. As more apps are developing that are dedicated to pushing healthcare in new directions, Ara is quick to get behind them. Today, Ara Chackerian is also a partner at TMS Health Solutions and also holds various positions at other companies that he has invested in or started up himself. Ara’s work in philanthropy extends beyond healthcare, but he is an active environmentalist.

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