Doe Deere and Lime Crime on How to Be Unapologetically You

Bold, unique, rebellious, strong… Each of these words would fit the entrepreneur of Lime Crime to a “t”. Doe Deere’s middle name is Cutting Edge. Audacious personality? Daring way of expressing it? Check and check! She is not afraid to show her true colors (no pun intended) and has a passion to help individuals truly express themselves.


Doe’s makeup line, Lime Crime, created in 2008, has a new way of defining beauty that is vital to each idea behind their products. In their eyes, beauty is not only what looks good or is natural; beauty is the expression of one’s true self at any given moment because they believe happiness comes from the ability to be one’s true self. Doe Deere refers to her fans endearingly as “unicorns” because they fearlessly and happily own their uniqueness.


As a proponent of self expression and a lover of animals, Doe has combined her passion and hobby with a cause “deere” to her heart. Each product is 100% vegan and 100% animal-cruelty free.


As an entrepreneur herself, Doe is all for encouraging other women interested in entrepreneurship and even invites them to contact her with any questions or hunger for advice. The process has not always been easy for her, and she has the patience it takes to walk alongside others in their journey. She is an avid learner and inspires learning in others.


As her ideas have grown, so has the number of people on-board with Doe’s vision. Where she once dreamed up and created each product on her own, she now has many friends around her to help her in the process. The Lime Crime team has a rule that they will only make products they believe in and love themselves. Because of this customers can be assured that each product arrives full of purpose. Learn more:


As an entirely online presence, Lime Crime has been more popular than haters could have foreseen. Doe believed in it from the beginning, and she has certainly made it happen. One thing she loves about being online is the amount of immediate feedback each product gets from customers. This platform also provides the space to let customers get a sneak peek of up-and-coming products, creating a runway of excitement for each product as they land.


Lime Crime is now not only a makeup line but is creating hair dyes too! From the bright, expressive colors of their makeup to the bold, rebellious colors of their hair dye, Lime Crime is ready to help fearless unicorns everywhere own and express themselves unapologetically.

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