Gregory James Aziz, Turning Ruins Into Fortunes: National Steel Car Is The Case Study

Whenever there is mention of National steel car, you can never go three words without hearing the name Gregory James Aziz follow suit. This is because all that the freight car engineering and manufacturing company is today is thanks to his top-notch leadership and problem-solving skills.


Gregory James Aziz background


Born in April 1949, Greg Aziz is a Canadian businessman. Greg Aziz is known for his ability to turn grass into gold after he managed to raise a failing company from its ruins to becoming a global leader. Greg was born and also raised in London, Ontario to be precise. He also received his studies here and is an alumnus of Ridley College and was an economics student at the University of Western Ontario.


After his graduation, Greg J. Aziz did not follow the same path that his peers and most university graduates often follow and that is finishing university and leaving home in search of greener pastures. For him home was green enough and a good place enough to put his freshly earned skills into action because he joined his family business christened affiliated foods as soon as he graduated.


Here is where the renowned Greg Aziz learned the ropes of business management and in the over one decade that he was here, Greg not only sharpened his skills to become a financial and economic powerhouse himself but also helped grow his family business into a global importer of fresh foods and a wholesaler to major markets in Europe, South America and other regions.


Nevertheless, again he surprised the world with his next move. You see with the kind of success he earned at affiliated foods, if most people were in the same shoes then they would stay there and be contented but Gregory Aziz is not most people and not one to settle for small wins. In respect to that, he left in search of an avenue where he would maximize on his business acumen and that is when he landed in New York’s banking sector. Here he worked with various banks and investment firms and it is during this time that he came across National steel car as he helped them sort out various financial issues.


Again, it is during this time and through the dealings, he had with the mother company of National steel car that he learned about the financial crisis that had hit the company. Instead of shying away like most investors would do when faced with such a situation, Greg Aziz decided to purchase the company. He acquired National steel car in 1994 and in the worst shape possible. Nevertheless, he is not one to shy away when faced with challenges and he put his best foot forward and helped turn around the firm’s woes into fortunes. In just six years under his belt, National steel car had increased its production capacity tenfold having increased from 3,500 to 12, 500 rail cars annually.


The workforce also increased from a mere 500 to 3000 and today it is one of the leading railroad freight car manufacturing company. Under his tenure, the company has expanded its horizons into various parts of the country and has been able to meet and exceed its clientele expectations by customizing and creating solutions which make them feel prioritized. It is thanks to this that it has bagged various awards such as the TTX SECO and many others.


Even with all the success and such a rich resume, Greg J. Aziz remembers is an avid supporter of anything that steers the community around him and the world at large forward. This is why he is actively involved in charity and sponsors countless charity organizations such as the Salvation Army, the Hamilton Opera, and several others. During his free time, one of the places that you will most likely to find him in during his free time is a horse racing court as he is an ardent fan. See This Article to learn more.

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