Drew Madden fights for cross compatibility over entire U.S. healthcare system

Over the last ten years, Drew Madden has emerged as one of the most important players in the U.S. healthcare IT space. As the president of Nordic Consulting Partners, he proved himself as a strategic visionary. He was able to grow that firm from an obscure boutique consultancy into one of the most prominent healthcare IT powerhouses in the United States today, leaving the firm with more than 750 consultants and over 150 major clients.

In 2017, Drew Madden decided to branch out on his own. He resigned his position as president of Nordic, realizing that in order to accomplish the broad changes that he wanted to implement, he would need to found a new company and build it from the ground up. Madden had nothing short of completely revolutionizing the culture of the healthcare IT field in mind. Along with three other experienced healthcare IT professionals, he started Evergreen Healthcare Partners in July of that year.

One of Evergreen Healthcare’s primary missions from the get-go has been to increase the inter-compatibility of healthcare records, systems and protocols throughout the entire U.S. healthcare space. Madden explains that U.S. electronic health records have traditionally been heavily siloed. This means that someone who lives in New York but has a medical emergency in Hawaii may not be treated effectively because the hospitals there may have incomplete access or no access at all to that patient’s medical history. This can and does cause serious problems, up to and including death of the patient, when things like drug interactions, severe allergies or preexisting medical conditions are unknown to the attending healthcare team.

Madden says that there is simply no excuse for the ongoing cross-compatibility issues within the U.S. healthcare system. Evergreen, says Madden, will bring all of its resources to bear to help hospitals and other healthcare facilities throughout the country to bring all of their systems up to the current cross-compatibility standards, helping to save lives in the process and lower the often-outrageous costs associated with medical care in the United States.

Madden is one who believes strongly in his mission. He says there is no doubt that Evergreen’s goals will be reached.

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