Mr. Stephen Hicks Rose To Success Through Southridge Capital – But Why? Here’s Why

Stephen M. Hicks, a native New Yorker and a modern Connecticut resident, is an entrepreneur, financial services industry competitor, and well-known figure in corporate advising and portfolio management. He was kind enough to link up with IdeaMensch to conduct an interview with its team of journalists back in March of this year.


It’s important to note that Mr. Stephen M. Hicks is the founder of Southridge Capital LLC – you can find the company named Southridge, Southridge II Partners, Southridge Partners, Southridge Capital, and Southridge LLC all across the World Wide Web; however, rest assured that all such organizations are the same entity, at least if they’ve all legitimate and located in Ridgefield, Connecticut.


Check out how Mr. Hicks jumped off the proverbial springboard into the 100-feet-deep pool of success


You most likely already know that college degrees are worth less today than they were just two decades ago – if not even shorter than that – so learning that Mr. Hicks had a bachelor’s certificate and an MBA by the age of 23 will likely make you unsurprised that he currently – some 30 years later – has one of the hottest corporation-serving financial services businesses in the entirety of New England. For more details visit Crunchbase.


After graduating with an MBA from Fordham University of New York City, New York, but before founding Southridge Capital in 1996, he got a job at Norton & Co.


It was at Norton & Co. that Stephen M. Hicks got familiar with advanced topics in the real-life practice of finance like trading in the name of managing volatility and structuring equity derivative deals in the name of earning as much return for corporate clients as possible.


Southridge Capital LLC has done great things for itself in the past few decades


Southridge Capital has joined the forces of some 300-plus corporations in countries all across the blue marble – the third rock from the Sun – to advise them on services they paid for. Those 300-plus corporations collectively trusted Southridge Capital with more than $1.75 billion to invest – all the return business speaks for itself.



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