Organo Gold Brings Healthy Alternative To Coffee Drinkers Out There

Organo Gold has become famous for their introduction of Ganoderma mushrooms mixed within their coffee, essentially providing a healthy alternative to the overly sweet and sugary coffees that most people drink today. Ganoderma has been used for hundreds of years by certain people around the world because of the mushrooms healing properties. Ganoderma has been found to help the body become alkalized and build a stronger foundation of health over the long term. The mushrooms can also quickly oxygenate the body to allow it to thrive. Visit to know more.

There are many other things that Ganoderma is associated with health-wise, including the ability to help the body with weight loss. By increasing the metabolism with increased oxygen in the body, Ganoderma effectively helps individuals burn more calories throughout the day naturally. On top of this, the mushrooms have been found to reduce overall cholesterol and reduce inflammation due to allergies.


Organo Gold has perfected their technique for mixing Ganoderma into their beverages, allowing people from all over the world to experience the benefits of this healthy brand of coffee and teas. Most of all, Ganoderma allows the body to retain a greater level of health and therefore less stress, which is one of the most harmful conditions humans can deal with on a regular basis.

Organo Gold was started up back in 2008 by Bernardo Chua in Canada, though he is a businessman who resides in the Philippines most of the time. His mission is to bring these healthy products to people all over the world and has found quite a massive following already. Asia has awarded the company several awards for their product and ingenuity. Given the health benefits of Ganoderma and the success of Organo Gold, it won’t be long until more companies pop up making healthy alternatives to other popular products. View Organo Gold’s profile on

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