Guilherme Paulus Creates Amazing Brazilian Vacations

Guilherme Paulus creates amazing Brazilian vacations through his tour company and now his hotels. He is known throughout South America for his advocacy of this beautiful place, and this article explains how he has built his companies to serve travelers who are finding Brazil for the first time.

#1: What Companies Does He Own?

Guilherme Paulus owns a tour company that he started many decades ago with a partner. The partner left the business shortly after, and Guilherme now runs the business himself. The tours he has given around South America have opened the eyes of many people who live abroad.

Guilherme owns GJP Hotels where he now puts up the travelers that take his tours. He wanted to diversify his invests in the industry as much as possible, and he knew that a fleet of hotels across South America would greatly comfort his clients.

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#2: More Travel To South America

There is quite a lot of travel to South America in the modern day due to the recent World Cup and Olympics. People are discovering Brazil for the first time, and they are quite pleased to take tours of the country that show all its sides. Guilherme wants his clients to see the cities, learn the jungles, and come down to the coast where everything is a breeze.

#3: Affordable Travel

Guilherme Paulus is an expert in affordable travel, and he has spent quite a long time creating vacations for people who tour with his companies. He makes the continent of South America much more interesting to tour, and he does not overcharge for the privilege. He is one of the innovators in affordable travel, and his hotel chain has joined the fun by providing rooms that all vacationers find affordable.

Affordable travel through Guilherme Paulus and his many tour packages allow travelers to see Brazil for less money, and they often have money to bring along other people. The hotels that he has acquired are some of the finest in the Southern Hemisphere, and he now offers tours that start at the front door of the hotel where his guests stay.

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