Rodrigo Terpins: Doubling up as a rally driver and successful businessman

Rodrigo Terpins is a graduate in Business Administration and Management from the Saint Hilaire University. He was privileged to work in Lojas Marisa, a company that specializes in selling clothes with several branches in Brazil. While working there, Rodrigo was promoted to become the president of the company. He worked for about fifteen years, and after that, he saw it fit to start his own business. Currently, Rodrigo runs several businesses, but he is known for his role in Floresvale and Participacoes.


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Rodrigo Terpins explains that Environment and sustainability were his primary motivations in forming his latest venture, Floresvale, as he aimed at using the right ways of getting wood for business and at the same time conserving the environment. He goes on to say that teamwork has been key to his business success as he always involves his business partners to analyze how they can increase their earnings on their investments. For more details visit



Although efforts are being made to conserve the environment, Rodrigo Terpins explains that people still need wood. That is why his company focuses on environmental conservation while providing certified timber for businesses. As a business person, he always strives always to remain informed of every happening that has a direct or indirect impact on his business. He points on the importance of hard work, continuous study and always being on point with right business practices as being essential to every business. You can visit Terra for more.


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Rodrigo Terpins is not only a businessman but also a sports person with a specialty in rally driving. He started developing interest and passion for rally driving at a very young age and has since become a skilled rally driver with lots of experience having participated in several competitions such as the championship of Sertoes Rally which is the biggest yearly off-road rally event in Brazil. Love for sports is something that runs in Rodrigo’s family as his father was doing great as a professional basketball player and his brother also is another great rally driver. Together they have formed an excellent rally team known as the Sertoes Crew, and they have won a lot of races and are recognized as the champions in speed racing in Brazil.



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