If youre looking to Invest, Here is Advice for you from an Investment Specialist, Igor Cornelsen

Investments has the potential not only to see you be financially stable but also secure the financial future of your children. May be, it is this potential that Igor Cornelsen saw and decided to venture into the niche. Born in 1947, he is an accomplished businessman in the investment industry.

Igor Cornelsen attended Federal University of Parana, an engineering school. 2 years into the engineering course, he decided to pursue economics at the same university. He graduated in 1970 and started his career working at an investment bank. Igor Cornelsen was very good with numbers and after sometime, he ended up in Rio working in an investment banker. He rose through ranks in Multibanco to become CEO and later, a member of board of directors of the company.

After Multibanco was acquired by the Bank of America, the investment specialist moved to Unibanco where he worked until 1985. He kept moving swiftly from one opportunity to another, each time shinning brighter in the investment industry.

Igor, with the vast investment experience and knowledge, has a lot of investment insight to share. The following are some tips to help you in your endeavor to survive in the investment industry.

  1. See to it that you don’t lose money

See to it that you don’t lose money

There is always a risk element in every investment opportunity. Therefore, you should minimize the risk element as much as possible and remember, the first rule of the game is; never lose money.

  1. Start early

Start early

According to Igor, you should start investing as early as possible. Put your money into work and make them start growing big early.

  1. Diversify your portfolio

Diversify your portfolio

To minimize risk, diversifying your portfolio is very essential. It enables you earn from different sources as well as have sound investments and risky ones.

  1. Get an advisor

Get an advisor

To start off with the right foot, you will need to get advice from an advisor so that you can get a deep understanding of how to invest and be successful at it.

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