Jana Messerschmidt Inspiring More Women to Be Part of the Vast Tech Industry through Lightspeed

Jana Messerschmidt is a well-known face in the tech industry. With so few women making a mark in the tech industry, she has been able to prove that women too are great at what they do. She was one of the top executives at Twitter heading the global business development and platform before she left the company to explore new opportunities in the industry. She later joined Netflix as one of their business development executive. Apart from working as an executive, she is also an investor and has made investments in diverse start-ups such as Eero, Bird, Winnie, and others.

Jana Messerschmidt was again in the news recently after she joined Lightspeed. She was one of the six investors who joined the company recently. When she was approached by the company, she was excited as the company has been doing exceptionally well and she wanted to take a break from her regular work. For Jana Lightspeed has come as a ray of hope as the company has about 50 percent of female investing partners currently. Since Jana Messerschmidt has mainly worked as in the operating position so far, she felt that investment was the right path for her.

Jana Messerschmidt feels that there are many different things that allowed her to make her decision of joining Lightspeed. Even though she has been an investor for a while now, she is looking forward to mentoring the team at Lightspeed. For Jana Lightspeed is a way to learn from the experience of her partners. She is happy to work with some great founders at the new company and also be part of their wonderful vision that they have for their company. She also wants to make an impact and encourage more women to join the tech industry. She wants to inspire more women to become entrepreneurs.

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