Herbalife Nutrition set to see revenue growth in 2019

The future is something which everybody needs to think about. The same is true for the business world. It is essential for businesses to invest for the future to make sure they continue growing their marketshare. Herbalife Nutrition has made sure to do this by making investments into significant product development with an eye on increasing its marketshare in the nutritional products space.

Herbalife recently introduced a slew of new products as well as new flavors for the company’s existing brands. During the third quarter of 2018 the nutrition company released 58 new products in 51 different countries across the globe. One of the most notable new products is a high protein iced coffee. This new product is meant to be an alternative to traditional coffee that is more healthy. Herbalife’s new flavors recently released for existing brands take local preferences and tastes into consideration. These new additions to the company’s products portfolio could play a key role in future volume growth in sales during 2019.

Another reason that Herbalife is set to experience significant growth is its direct sales business model. This type of business model utilizes independent distributors, consultants, contractors and sales representatives to directly sell the product to the end user. This differs from a traditional retail model where products are sold through a physical retail location or via e-commerce.

The direct sales business model works well for Herbalife in particular because the nutrition company already has brand recognition in the market due to being in the market for almost 40 years. Therefore, many consumers have already heard of the product even if they have yet to try the product themselves, thus streamlining the sales process and enabling faster revenue growth for the company. Additionally, the direct sales model allows independent salespersons flexibility in scheduling working hours. Hence, the direct sales business model can conform to most lifestyles and schedules, making it easier to recruit more salespersons, resulting in increased revenue growth for Herbalife.



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