Gino Pozzo Pushes Forward the Success of Watford FC

Gino Pozzo has made a name for himself for taking almost dead low- level football clubs and making them rise to the extent of participating in major flight leagues in their countries. Gino Pozzo owns the reputed Watford Football Club in England, and he continues to be on the spotlight as one of the most prominent figures in sports scenes in Europe.

Gino Pozzo parents were football enthusiasts and they raised him in Udine, Italy. When he was 18 years of age, Gino Pozzo migrated to the USA where he enrolled in Harvard University and earned his Masters. He married a citizen of Catalonia and moved to Spain where he resided for two decades. Gino Pozzo together with his wife and 3 children moved to London where he plunged himself into the daily operations of a football club that he had newly acquired.

The Pozzo family is recognized worldwide for its passion for football. The family’s aggression into the business of sports club ownership commenced when Gino Pozzo’s father bought the Italian Udinese club in 1986 from the profits that he had made from his tool-making business. Gino Pozzo recounted that Football for them kicked off as a passion when his father purchased Udinese. Initially, the purchase of Udinese club was driven by emotional commitment and passion, and the drive to help the club prevail over a trying financial period. Gino Pozzo expounds that the skills and experience he garnered from Udinese have taught him a lot and presently he applies those skills at Watford.

The Pozzo family purchased the Watford Club in 2012 and by then the club was struggling financially. The acquisition of this club made the Pozzo’s family be the only family globally that simultaneously owned 3 football clubs in Spain, England, and Italy. Gino Pozzo zeal for football is at the core of his attachment at Watford and this is notably the secret of his success.

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