Boraie Development’s Partnership With Shaquille O’Neal

Boraie Development is a real estate company that has been in the business for more than three decades. Founded by an Egypt immigrant Omar Boraie, the company builds the apartments or towers and manages them till they are all rented out. One of their best projects is The Aspire, New Brunswick that has remarkable features. The apartment has slightly over 200 residential units, therefore, catering for the housing problem in the country. The Aspire is located near the train station showing there is easy access to transport to where one wishes to travel.

Security is also at its peak since there is a doorman during daytime and night. Parking is not an issue for its residents and also has a fitness center. The yoga space and a modern gym are to ensure that individuals are living sustainably and healthy by doing exercise. The parking space has an elevator that moves to the lobby directly. Each resident has personal storage where they can put their bikes, luggage, and letters.

Being directly adjacent to health facilities like the Children’s Cancer Institute and Robert Wood Hospital makes it easier for Boraie Development to rent the units. Shaquille O’Neal grew up in Newark, and he recently made a partnership with Boraie to help build in the city. Shaquille’s parents took him to the movie theatre, and local boys and girls club nearby when he was young. This helped him keep off the streets which were not a relevant place for him to be used to.

The former basketball player says a place where he spent two or three hours felt really good for him. Shaquille O’Neal aims at building enough market units wherever they are needed in Newark in this partnership. He is playing a crucial role in planning these projects, but he leaves the details with the Boraie Development. The entrepreneur and also a former basketball player says he only visions for the buildings to be beautiful. He says The Aspire has a rooftop sundeck where visitors and residents can enjoy their barbeque.

He believes in investing in things that will pose a positive impact on the community in general. Through this partnership, Boraie Development is constructing another tower in Newark. This is said to be the first commercial and residential tower to be constructed in Newark in over fifty years. Growing up in Newark in the 1970s, Shaquille thinks it is time to give back to society. Boraie Development works with clients, financial institutions, and architects who perform their duties within the speculated timeframe.

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