Sameer Jejurikar Meeting Plastic Surgery Needs

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a Board Certified plastic surgeon based out of the Dallas Texas. He is a member of Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute and is associated with a number of major hospitals in the area. While he offers the full spectrum of plastic surgery, his specialty is in cosmetic surgery with a focus on face, eyes, nose, body, and breast. Dr. Jejurikar’s main goal is to help his patients meet their goals, no matter if those goals are to look younger or to entirely change the way a person looks. He prides himself on offering his patients the latest and most innovative technology to achieve their aesthetic and reconstructive surgery needs.


Dr. Jejurikar also takes pride in the ability to help the less fortunate community. He has taken a number of medical focused missions to third world countries. Annually, he takes a trip to the impoverished communities in Bangladesh to help those communities get the care they need and deserve.


Dr. Jejurikar began and ended his journey to becoming a plastic surgeon at the University of Michigan. Not only did he get his bachelor’s degree at the University of Michigan, but he also continued on there for Medical School as well as for his plastic surgery residency. Dr. Jejurikar is an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and the Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons. Additionally, Dr. Jejurikar has contributed to publications in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Annals of Plastic Surgery, Journal of Surgical Research, and Microsurgery.


Doe Deere and Lime Crime on How to Be Unapologetically You

Bold, unique, rebellious, strong… Each of these words would fit the entrepreneur of Lime Crime to a “t”. Doe Deere’s middle name is Cutting Edge. Audacious personality? Daring way of expressing it? Check and check! She is not afraid to show her true colors (no pun intended) and has a passion to help individuals truly express themselves.


Doe’s makeup line, Lime Crime, created in 2008, has a new way of defining beauty that is vital to each idea behind their products. In their eyes, beauty is not only what looks good or is natural; beauty is the expression of one’s true self at any given moment because they believe happiness comes from the ability to be one’s true self. Doe Deere refers to her fans endearingly as “unicorns” because they fearlessly and happily own their uniqueness.


As a proponent of self expression and a lover of animals, Doe has combined her passion and hobby with a cause “deere” to her heart. Each product is 100% vegan and 100% animal-cruelty free.


As an entrepreneur herself, Doe is all for encouraging other women interested in entrepreneurship and even invites them to contact her with any questions or hunger for advice. The process has not always been easy for her, and she has the patience it takes to walk alongside others in their journey. She is an avid learner and inspires learning in others.


As her ideas have grown, so has the number of people on-board with Doe’s vision. Where she once dreamed up and created each product on her own, she now has many friends around her to help her in the process. The Lime Crime team has a rule that they will only make products they believe in and love themselves. Because of this customers can be assured that each product arrives full of purpose. Learn more:


As an entirely online presence, Lime Crime has been more popular than haters could have foreseen. Doe believed in it from the beginning, and she has certainly made it happen. One thing she loves about being online is the amount of immediate feedback each product gets from customers. This platform also provides the space to let customers get a sneak peek of up-and-coming products, creating a runway of excitement for each product as they land.


Lime Crime is now not only a makeup line but is creating hair dyes too! From the bright, expressive colors of their makeup to the bold, rebellious colors of their hair dye, Lime Crime is ready to help fearless unicorns everywhere own and express themselves unapologetically.

Shiraz Boghani Earns A Big Hospitality Industry Award

Shiraz Boghani is an entrepreneur who lives in the United Kingdom. He was born in Kenya and emigrated to the UK after he completed high school. He trained as a chartered accountant and performed in that line of work up through the middle of the 1980s which is when he decided to enter the hospitality industry.

He now has 20 hotels he owns through his company, Splendid Hospitality Group. He is the chairman of the board and is deeply involved in the operations and strategic direction of his firm.

Splendid Hospitality Group has hotels in London, York, Edinburgh, Leeds, Oxford, Northhampton, Bristol, Crawley, Glenrothes, Hounslow, and Reading. Four of Shiraz Boghani’s hotels are in London and these are the Hilton London Bankside, the Holiday Inn Wembley, the Comfort Inn Kings Cross, and the City Continental Kensington. He was one of the first hoteliers to start building limited service hotels in the early 1990s. He now operates seven Holiday Inn branded hotels which fall within this sector.

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The Asian Business Awards are presented each year in October. At the 2017 gala, Shiraz Boghani was very happy when he was named the Hotelier of the Year. This award was given to him due to his leadership abilities and because of his relentless pursuit of excellence.

When accepting his award, the hotelier thanked his executives, management, and staff. He said that the entire Splendid Family was responsible for winning this award and making his company the fastest growing hotel group in the United Kingdom. He went on to say that hotels played a prominent role in his life and he was happy to have received an award in the hospitality industry.

Sussex Healthcare is another company which Shiraz Boghani played an important role in establishing. He co-founded Sussex Healthcare along with a business partner who is a dentist. Along with this business partner he is a joint chairman. This business operates for older people in the rural county of Sussex. They offer dementia and neurological care at each of the 20 homes that form this companies network.

Along with his business partner, Shiraz Boghani recently hired a new chief executive officer for this company. This person is Amanda Morgan-Taylor. When hiring her Shiraz Boghani said that she is very experienced in the healthcare industry and would be very capable of being successful in her new position.

Read more: Mr Shiraz Boghani, Chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group, Awarded Hotelier of the Year at the Asian Business Awards 2016

Ara Chackerian Is Dedicated To Bettering The Healthcare Industry

Ara Chackerian has always been passionate about his work in philanthropy, which has been fueled by his success as an entrepreneur and investor over many years. The majority of his focus has been on companies that are in need of extra help to get started or really pushing their way into the market. Even more so that that, Ara has made the majority of his investments and startups in the healthcare industry. Each and every day, Ara focuses on challenging himself to accomplish his goals for both businesses, investing, and philanthropy. Part of the enjoyment of doing what Ara Chackerian does is being able to help improve the world for the better, especially for his own family, which has helped him greatly over the course of his career.

Ara Chackerian has innovated on the various ways of doing things when it comes to the healthcare industry, which he has stated is a primary focus for him do to his own life experiences. According to Ara, he has faced many hard times in his life just like most others do, but he had thankfully had the support of his family to help him in both his personal life and his career. Check out to see more.

For Ara Chackerian, digital healthcare is one of his primary focuses these days, as he wants to see it expand in the near future. Mental health care is important, and just as critical to everyone’s health as any other form of medical care. This is why digital healthcare will greatly help those in need of medical treatments. As more apps are developing that are dedicated to pushing healthcare in new directions, Ara is quick to get behind them. Today, Ara Chackerian is also a partner at TMS Health Solutions and also holds various positions at other companies that he has invested in or started up himself. Ara’s work in philanthropy extends beyond healthcare, but he is an active environmentalist.

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Doe Deere’s Innovative Appeal

Nature is full of a kaleidescope of colors, yet for years, most of the major cosmetics brands have limited themselves to a spectrum of reds and pinks in lip and cheek color. Finally, it seemed time for someone to start shaking up the cosmetics scene, and an innovative Internet entrepreneur named Doe Deere is finally doing just that.


Doe Deere’s Background as an Innovator


Doe Deere is the guiding force behind Lime Crime Cosmetics, the Internet online makeup brand that has been shaking up the beauty industry since it launched back in 2007-2008. Deere is a Russian emigre who spent a lot of time in New York growing up. She has a musical background and was involved in a band for a while, and also studied fashion. Finally, she left school and decided she knew enough to sell her fashion designs online, using some of the marketing approaches she’d developed while promoting her band. The vivid colors of her clothing line were popular, but it wasn’t until she started playing with makeup and making youtube tutorials to sell her products that she realized she’d found her calling.



Deere found that people responded enthusiastically to her makeup and her tutorials, so she launched her own product line, and then started developing new products that would give her line a feeling of freshness and innovation.


The bold colors are one of the qualities of Lime Crime that really stands out. Deere says her products appeal to women who are “unicorns.” Lime Crime women are intriguing and whimsical like unicorns, and they stand strong behind the styles they love. They have a rock and roll vibe and they are comfortable being totally themselves, which is why they have no problem using bold colors like blue and purple on their lips and hair.


Internet Savvy


Another area that sets Lime Crime apart is the company’s very savvy use of the Internet for product promotion. Lime Crime’s Instagram page is interactive. It features photos of real Lime Crime users wearing the makeup styles they’ve created using the products. By inviting customers onto the page to show off and share their looks, Lime Crime created a sensation. The page now has more than a million users, with more coming in every day. The page is not only a community for those who love the products, but it’s also an ongoing promotion for Lime Crime and the amazing looks it can help create.


Lime Crime’s product line has many customer favorites, and it all just keeps on growing. Not bad for a rock and roller who finally discovered herself via a Unicorn beauty aesthetic.


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Robert Ivy: The American Institute Of Architects Is Influencing The Future

One of the biggest architectural journals in the world is Architectural Record. Currently, it headed by Robert Ivy, who serves as Editor in Chief. Since taking the reins, he’s earned the journal numerous awards and honors. He’s also been involved in many of the architectural community’s major events.

Robert Ivy was a deciding member who gave Frank Gehry the right to design the National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial. Before joining Architectural Record, Robert Ivy was a critic for a number of national architectural publications. In 2010, Ivy was named “Master Architect” by a national architecture fraternity.

The American Institute of Architects is the largest architectural organization in the country. It was founded in 1857 as the New York Society of Architects. Since the name change, the organization’s moved to Washington, D.C. and works with the government on a number of projects. Currently, it’s headed by Robert Ivy.

Robert Ivy’s been an excellent addition to the American Institute of Architects. He’s done a great job at upholding the organization’s original mission. The American Institute of Architects promotes the scientific and practical perfection of its field. It also wants to elevate people’s opinions of architects.

Since 1857, the American Institute of Architects expanded on that mission. Now, it’s about educating the public, working with the government, rebuilding communities, and improving the industry’s public image. The American Institute of Architects also wants to work more with other design groups to coordinate the construction industry as a whole.

When it comes to working with the government, it’s trying to ensure that policymakers understand the needs of the profession. It works with federal, state, and local policymakers to represent all architects across the nation. It makes sure it’s still in a position to protect the nation’s infrastructure and develop well-designed housing for Americans.

About five years ago, the American Institute of Architects created a community rebuilding competition that aimed to rebuild communities torn down by natural disasters. The Designing Recovery contest makes architects design single-family housing that improves the quality, diversity, and resiliency of each community.

Their public education attempts are a bit farfetched at first. Once, they asked a number of Americans to name their favorite 150 architectural works. That’s not an easy thing for most people to do, but it got people interested in architecture.

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The Frontera Fund Looks To Support The DACA Program From Attacks By GOP Extremists

The DACA program has been under attack recently by GOP extremists, and organizations that work to protect the rights of young immigrants to the United States are on high alert. DACA, which is the acronym for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals offers undocumented youth who fit the bill a chance to avoid being deported and also gives them a social security number. Along with this, DACA helps give these young immigrants a chance to work in the United States and the chance to get a driver’s license. It also works with some young immigrants to give them a chance to pay in-state fees while going to college.


One governor and nine attorneys general signed their names on a letter released by General Ken Paxton, Texas’s Attorney General, and directed towards the Trump administration. The contents of the letter asked the administration to overturn the DACA program by the fifth day of September. If the administration did not bend to the will of the attorneys and the governor, they threatened to take legal action by slowly phasing out new applications. The Secretary of Homeland Security, John Kelly, and the Hispanic Caucus met behind closed doors to discuss DACA and the legal attacks that are taking place.


DACA has been around for five years, and it has been benefiting Hispanics who are studying, working, or doing both under the protection of the program. These young immigrants are not only contributing large sums of money to universities and colleges in the United States, but they are also paying higher tax rates due to receiving an education that allows for them to find higher paying work. These immigrants also buy homes, cars, and startup businesses that contribute to the U.S. economy.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin started up the Frontera Fund, which is an organization that works to support and fund other Latino organizations. These other organizations fight for the rights of Latinos and especially those Latinos who are being abused or mistreated by racist officials who are in power. Some of the organizations that the Frontera Fund supports include the American Immigration Council, American DREAM Act Coalition, The Florence Immigrants And Refugee Rights Project, and of course, DACA. The orginization known as DACA hopes to continue its work to help younger immigrants receive higher pay, better education, and all of the rights that they should be able to enjoy by becoming a part of the United States.


How Roberto Santiago became a Successful Entrepreneur

Recently, there has been a revolution in the way people shop due to the construction of shopping malls. One of the nations experiencing this shopping revolution is Brazil. Roberto Santiago is an accomplished businessman who has contributed a lot to the rise of Brazil’s economy. Roberto is the founder and owner of the famous Manaira Shopping Mall which is in Brazil. The main aim of establishing the shopping mall was to offer Brazilians a new shopping experience. The journey of Roberto Santiago as an entrepreneur started decades ago when he began a cartonnage company. The company was involved in the manufacturing and designing of cardboard cartons.


Under the leadership of Roberto Santiago, the cartonnage company was able to experience tremendous growth and success. Roberto also became involved in the allotment field which helped him get the skills and experience needed to succeed as an entrepreneur. Being a diverse entrepreneur, Robert Santiago also has in the past invested in the business of real estate in the Joao Pessoa city. He has over the years earned reputation as one of the most skilled and successful entrepreneurs in Brazil and the world in general. Roberto Santiago ventured into the development of property in the year 1989 when he decided to establish Manaira Shopping Mall. The prestigious shopping mall is in the Joao Pessoa city of Brazil.


The Manaira Shopping Mall has brought a lot of recognition to the Joao Pessoa city which is known for its breath-taking beaches. For people who are seeking total enjoyment and relaxation, the Manaira Shopping Mall is the place to be. The shopping mall took approximately two years for its completion. The Manaira Shopping Mall is among the city’s most magnificent landmark structures. The shopping mall offers services to people from all parts of Brazil as well as tourists from all over the world who come seeking fun and relaxation. The Roberto Santiago Shopping Mall consists of the Domus Hall Concert which has helped Brazil to be placed in the global map. The shopping mall comprises a gaming area, food courts, a fitness center, a college, a theatre, banks and a rooftop concert hall. The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall has 11 entertainment rooms which are stylishly-equipped.


Roberto Santiago was born in Brazil in the year 1968 and was brought up in Joao Pessoa city. The prolific businessman attended the Pio X-Marist College and the Joao Pessoa University Center where he acquired a bachelor’s degree in business administration. The success of Roberto as an entrepreneur comes from discipline, passion, commitment and hard work. He serves as a role model and mentor to the young and upcoming entrepreneurs in the city of Joao Pessoa and Brazil at large.


Ara Chackerian and His Drive to Develop Innovative Medical Solutions for Mental Health

It’s a bit hard to know the ropes of successfully running a business because most of the ways to get your business running have to do with trial and error. In other words, you need to make more mistakes and learn from them. Fortunately, for people like philanthropist, entrepreneur, and investor Ara Chackerian, this strategy has paid off. Now, the projects of Ara Chackerian continue to boost the economy, improve the conditions of many people and at the same time, give jobs and opportunities to a lot of people.

Entrepreneurial Pursuits

Being based in San Francisco has truly paid off for Ara Chackerian as he continues to tread the dangerous, risky but thrilling path of being an entrepreneur and philanthropist. With his career spanning for decades already, it is safe to say that he really does know things that those who are studying things from the books would not be able to learn yet. His focus right now in the field of healthcare technology is also a fascinating endeavor knowing that you need to lay one’s cards on the table when you’re dealing with issues in the medical field. You have to display your biases, show your alliances and tell everyone what stocks you’re putting in to avoid biases. All of these would take a toll on the energy of Ara Chackerian, and that’s something not many people can cope.

His Focus

To help those with mental illness avoid leading a dog’s life, Chackerian works with his loyal and long-time business partner to experiment with, study and spread awareness of the various medical technologies today that improve the mental health of those intensely suffering its symptoms. With the companies that Ara has also successfully founded, there would be a lot still to expect in what Mr. Ara can offer. You can visit for more.

Whether he’d be able to scale his ideas, projects, and companies to worldwide scope, it remains to be seen. What’s sure, though, is that Mr. Ara has a skillset, the educational background and entrepreneurial experience that makes him one of the best business leaders in the medical tech industry today. He also plays Advisory Roles for PipelineRX and Nor Luyce.

Talk Fusion Video Marketing

Talk Fusion is a successful video communication company that has expanded to over 140 countries around the world. Talk Fusion was started by Bob Reina in 2007 when video communication had been thought never to be possible. He broke the barrier when he created Talk Fusion and created the thing that AOL had previously told him was impossible. The first product that he released through Talk Fusion was video email. He created video email because he was trying to a video email before he found that technology companies had not yet prepared to meet the need that he had.

Talk Fusion is based on a need. Bob Reina needed video email. He created and continued to create products that meet the needs of his customers around the world. He never wants his customers to feel the way that he felt when he was let down by AOL. The greatest product that Talk Fusion has created so far has been WebRTC. WebRTC is real time that allows people to talk to people at the moment or whenever they get around to responding to the person. Through WebRTC people are able to hold meetings through video and respond to emails using videos.

Business meetings have been known to be long and time-consuming. After the meeting, you have to rush home. Using Talk Fusion’s WebRTC people are now allowed to have meetings wherever they are. They do not have to be worried about being late to the meeting because all they have to do is open their browser and join the meeting. People have been skeptical about online meetings because people are late because the download can take hours and still have them late. They don’t have to worry about that with Talk Fusion because nothing has to be downloaded.

WebRTC also allows people to respond to emails using video. Emails have been known to be a horror of typing and reading, but now they can just record what they have to say and keep going with their day. The receiver only has to listen to the video and respond when they have the time to respond. Regular people and people that work in big corporations are able to use Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion has been successful because they include everybody. Everybody is able to use Talk Fusion’s products. They have accomplished everything that they have by including everyone possible. Learn more: