Rocketship Education Relates To Children And Their Families

Too may problems plague inner-city neighborhoods and their traditional, government funded educational establishments. Low attendance, horrid behavior, violence, low grades, little to no preparation for higher education, shoddier materials, gang activity, teen-pregnancy, prostitution, bullying and little parental involvement are all problems. Rocketship Education has tailored the way that they teach kids in such a fashion where they are trying to lessen these problems. For example, they intensely condition children to expect to go to college. Also, they frequently tell kids that the sky is the limit when it comes to what they can be when they grow up. Rocketship Education is trying to encourage kids to get past the influence of negative, subversive forces in their communities—forces that will, ultimately, lead to their demise, lead them to a pit of misery, keep them impoverished and/or make them sick.

Rocketship Education is a manifestation of the 21st century, having been established in the year 2006. In 2018, Rocket Education is only 12 years old, which is a sharp contrast to how some elementary schools are more or less than 100 years, with their first students being either dead or extremely elderly. The first graduates of Rocketship Education are still relatively young, being in their late teens and early twenties.

It is great to have schools that have a nurturing attitude about educating low-income children—particularly those of non-model minority racial backgrounds. Through history, society has had a negative, “Let’s give up,” attitude about educating minority kids. Even with liberal policies and leadership, children from these backgrounds have been neglected, condescended and just plain misunderstood.

The misunderstandings that lead to the neglect of minority children are known by officials who work for Rocketship Education. This is the reason why they base the school’s activities on support from parents and communities. For too long, the education system has been a system of a bunch of “qualified” bureaucrats making decisions for people who they cannot relate to, at all. To properly serve children, their plights and needs must be understood. The path to understanding is communication between teachers, students and parents. People it the community need to be involved in school decisions.

Rodrigo Terpins: Doubling up as a rally driver and successful businessman

Rodrigo Terpins is a graduate in Business Administration and Management from the Saint Hilaire University. He was privileged to work in Lojas Marisa, a company that specializes in selling clothes with several branches in Brazil. While working there, Rodrigo was promoted to become the president of the company. He worked for about fifteen years, and after that, he saw it fit to start his own business. Currently, Rodrigo runs several businesses, but he is known for his role in Floresvale and Participacoes.


The Interview with ideamensch


Rodrigo Terpins explains that Environment and sustainability were his primary motivations in forming his latest venture, Floresvale, as he aimed at using the right ways of getting wood for business and at the same time conserving the environment. He goes on to say that teamwork has been key to his business success as he always involves his business partners to analyze how they can increase their earnings on their investments. For more details visit



Although efforts are being made to conserve the environment, Rodrigo Terpins explains that people still need wood. That is why his company focuses on environmental conservation while providing certified timber for businesses. As a business person, he always strives always to remain informed of every happening that has a direct or indirect impact on his business. He points on the importance of hard work, continuous study and always being on point with right business practices as being essential to every business. You can visit Terra for more.


Additional Information


Rodrigo Terpins is not only a businessman but also a sports person with a specialty in rally driving. He started developing interest and passion for rally driving at a very young age and has since become a skilled rally driver with lots of experience having participated in several competitions such as the championship of Sertoes Rally which is the biggest yearly off-road rally event in Brazil. Love for sports is something that runs in Rodrigo’s family as his father was doing great as a professional basketball player and his brother also is another great rally driver. Together they have formed an excellent rally team known as the Sertoes Crew, and they have won a lot of races and are recognized as the champions in speed racing in Brazil.



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The inventions of Dr. Saad Saad

It is the role of the experienced people in an industry to use the knowledge and the challenges they have met in the implementation of duties to come up with better methods of doing things. No industry has no room for improvements, and these improvements can only be made by people who been in the industry and who have learned about the good and the bad. Experience is the best teacher when it comes to the implementation of some of the things we see today. Learning about something and looking for areas that can be improved is one of the best ways of ensuring that everything is running on well.


Dr. Saad Saad is one of the people who can say clearly that he has seen it all in the medical industry. After serving for over forty years, his experience is at advanced stages. He has managed to deal with the challenge that people face and have implemented them in the best way possible. He has helped hundreds of people deal with medical conditions which have been affecting them. Dr. Saad is qualified as a pediatric surgeon. In his experience in this industry, he has done so much in helping the people resolve some of the challenging medical conditions.


Dr. Saad Saad is a pediatric surgeon. He is one of the people who has made a huge difference in the medical industry by coming up with things which will change the fate of the industry than anyone else. In the time that he has been in the industry, he has made inventions as well as innovations of medical procedures to enable people to receive better medical care.


In his four decades in the medical industry top on his priority list is to help make the industry better by creating instruments which will ease the process of performing surgical operations. As a person who has been in the industry for a long time, he recognizes the fields of medical studies which deserve to be improved. He has led in making the changes by creating two devices which he has himself proved to be working. As a pediatric surgeon he has used the instruments and has verified that if they are produced in mass, they will bring more efficiency in the industry.


The two devices by Dr. Saad Saad are a suction system which should be used together with an endoscope for better visibility during internal examinations. There is also another electromagnetic device that is able to track the position of the medical catheter when inserted into the body. This device eliminates the need for x-ray and MRI scanning machines in tracking the position of the catheter. The two inventions place Dr. Saad Saad in a special place as a medical practitioner. Learn more:

US Money Reserve Wins the AdSphere Awards

US Money Reserve has again been named the overall winner of the two Best Category Awards by AdSphere. This is the second time in a row the company has scooped the prestigious award beating several other companies that were competing for the same award. US Money Reserve was recognized for its excellent performance in one of the most competitive direct-response television (DRTV) sector. It was joy unspeakable for the precious metals giant as they received the news about their victory.


AdSphere Awards usually recognize and honor top network cable advertisers as well as brands in within the multi-billion DRTV industry. Speaking on the award, US Money Reserve’s Chief Executive Officer Angela Koch said that they were overjoyed by the consecutive win of the AdSphere award. “Our efforts in the DRTV industry are mainly influenced by our desire to offer our clients with the most creative work that vividly reflects our brand. Winning this award for the second year in a row is truly a privilege and more so a demonstration of the great talents by our people in the marketing and production teams” said Koch.


AdSphere awards are designed to select and award the best advertising agencies across four main categories that include lead generation, 28.5-minute infomercials, and short-form products and brand/direct. “We are determined to select the best performers in this sector and for the past two years US Money Reserve has demonstrated to us their talent and creativity when it comes to advertising,” said Joseph Gray the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of AdSphere Awards. He added that the AdSphere awards are the most inclusive awards within the DRTV industry having awarded 70 winners since its inception. He congratulated US Money Reserve for scooping the award the second time in a row.


About US Money Reserve


US Money Reserve started small in 2001 but has since grown to become one of US largest private distributor of government issued silver, platinum, and gold legal tender products. The company has its main headquarters in Austin Texas with several other offices spread across the country.


In the recent years, US Money Reserve has gained popularity following its track record in providing asset management solutions across the United States. The company has excellent customer service that is dedicated to providing all its clients with the best services at all times. US Money Reserve currently has over 400,000 clients in the United States.


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Guilherme Paulus Creates Amazing Brazilian Vacations

Guilherme Paulus creates amazing Brazilian vacations through his tour company and now his hotels. He is known throughout South America for his advocacy of this beautiful place, and this article explains how he has built his companies to serve travelers who are finding Brazil for the first time.

#1: What Companies Does He Own?

Guilherme Paulus owns a tour company that he started many decades ago with a partner. The partner left the business shortly after, and Guilherme now runs the business himself. The tours he has given around South America have opened the eyes of many people who live abroad.

Guilherme owns GJP Hotels where he now puts up the travelers that take his tours. He wanted to diversify his invests in the industry as much as possible, and he knew that a fleet of hotels across South America would greatly comfort his clients.

Read more: Guilherme Paulus is the entrepreneur of the year 2017 in services

#2: More Travel To South America

There is quite a lot of travel to South America in the modern day due to the recent World Cup and Olympics. People are discovering Brazil for the first time, and they are quite pleased to take tours of the country that show all its sides. Guilherme wants his clients to see the cities, learn the jungles, and come down to the coast where everything is a breeze.

#3: Affordable Travel

Guilherme Paulus is an expert in affordable travel, and he has spent quite a long time creating vacations for people who tour with his companies. He makes the continent of South America much more interesting to tour, and he does not overcharge for the privilege. He is one of the innovators in affordable travel, and his hotel chain has joined the fun by providing rooms that all vacationers find affordable.

Affordable travel through Guilherme Paulus and his many tour packages allow travelers to see Brazil for less money, and they often have money to bring along other people. The hotels that he has acquired are some of the finest in the Southern Hemisphere, and he now offers tours that start at the front door of the hotel where his guests stay.

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Organo Gold Brings Healthy Alternative To Coffee Drinkers Out There

Organo Gold has become famous for their introduction of Ganoderma mushrooms mixed within their coffee, essentially providing a healthy alternative to the overly sweet and sugary coffees that most people drink today. Ganoderma has been used for hundreds of years by certain people around the world because of the mushrooms healing properties. Ganoderma has been found to help the body become alkalized and build a stronger foundation of health over the long term. The mushrooms can also quickly oxygenate the body to allow it to thrive. Visit to know more.

There are many other things that Ganoderma is associated with health-wise, including the ability to help the body with weight loss. By increasing the metabolism with increased oxygen in the body, Ganoderma effectively helps individuals burn more calories throughout the day naturally. On top of this, the mushrooms have been found to reduce overall cholesterol and reduce inflammation due to allergies.


Organo Gold has perfected their technique for mixing Ganoderma into their beverages, allowing people from all over the world to experience the benefits of this healthy brand of coffee and teas. Most of all, Ganoderma allows the body to retain a greater level of health and therefore less stress, which is one of the most harmful conditions humans can deal with on a regular basis.

Organo Gold was started up back in 2008 by Bernardo Chua in Canada, though he is a businessman who resides in the Philippines most of the time. His mission is to bring these healthy products to people all over the world and has found quite a massive following already. Asia has awarded the company several awards for their product and ingenuity. Given the health benefits of Ganoderma and the success of Organo Gold, it won’t be long until more companies pop up making healthy alternatives to other popular products. View Organo Gold’s profile on

Mr. Stephen Hicks Rose To Success Through Southridge Capital – But Why? Here’s Why

Stephen M. Hicks, a native New Yorker and a modern Connecticut resident, is an entrepreneur, financial services industry competitor, and well-known figure in corporate advising and portfolio management. He was kind enough to link up with IdeaMensch to conduct an interview with its team of journalists back in March of this year.


It’s important to note that Mr. Stephen M. Hicks is the founder of Southridge Capital LLC – you can find the company named Southridge, Southridge II Partners, Southridge Partners, Southridge Capital, and Southridge LLC all across the World Wide Web; however, rest assured that all such organizations are the same entity, at least if they’ve all legitimate and located in Ridgefield, Connecticut.


Check out how Mr. Hicks jumped off the proverbial springboard into the 100-feet-deep pool of success


You most likely already know that college degrees are worth less today than they were just two decades ago – if not even shorter than that – so learning that Mr. Hicks had a bachelor’s certificate and an MBA by the age of 23 will likely make you unsurprised that he currently – some 30 years later – has one of the hottest corporation-serving financial services businesses in the entirety of New England. For more details visit Crunchbase.


After graduating with an MBA from Fordham University of New York City, New York, but before founding Southridge Capital in 1996, he got a job at Norton & Co.


It was at Norton & Co. that Stephen M. Hicks got familiar with advanced topics in the real-life practice of finance like trading in the name of managing volatility and structuring equity derivative deals in the name of earning as much return for corporate clients as possible.


Southridge Capital LLC has done great things for itself in the past few decades


Southridge Capital has joined the forces of some 300-plus corporations in countries all across the blue marble – the third rock from the Sun – to advise them on services they paid for. Those 300-plus corporations collectively trusted Southridge Capital with more than $1.75 billion to invest – all the return business speaks for itself.



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Drew Madden fights for cross compatibility over entire U.S. healthcare system

Over the last ten years, Drew Madden has emerged as one of the most important players in the U.S. healthcare IT space. As the president of Nordic Consulting Partners, he proved himself as a strategic visionary. He was able to grow that firm from an obscure boutique consultancy into one of the most prominent healthcare IT powerhouses in the United States today, leaving the firm with more than 750 consultants and over 150 major clients.

In 2017, Drew Madden decided to branch out on his own. He resigned his position as president of Nordic, realizing that in order to accomplish the broad changes that he wanted to implement, he would need to found a new company and build it from the ground up. Madden had nothing short of completely revolutionizing the culture of the healthcare IT field in mind. Along with three other experienced healthcare IT professionals, he started Evergreen Healthcare Partners in July of that year.

One of Evergreen Healthcare’s primary missions from the get-go has been to increase the inter-compatibility of healthcare records, systems and protocols throughout the entire U.S. healthcare space. Madden explains that U.S. electronic health records have traditionally been heavily siloed. This means that someone who lives in New York but has a medical emergency in Hawaii may not be treated effectively because the hospitals there may have incomplete access or no access at all to that patient’s medical history. This can and does cause serious problems, up to and including death of the patient, when things like drug interactions, severe allergies or preexisting medical conditions are unknown to the attending healthcare team.

Madden says that there is simply no excuse for the ongoing cross-compatibility issues within the U.S. healthcare system. Evergreen, says Madden, will bring all of its resources to bear to help hospitals and other healthcare facilities throughout the country to bring all of their systems up to the current cross-compatibility standards, helping to save lives in the process and lower the often-outrageous costs associated with medical care in the United States.

Madden is one who believes strongly in his mission. He says there is no doubt that Evergreen’s goals will be reached.

Betsy Devos: There Will Be a New Wave of Education

The political insight of Betsy DeVos is flawless. She is always able to see two steps in front of what is going to transpire and that gives her an edge when it comes to her current role as Secretary of Education. Her career has been marked with moments of aggressive controversy and joyful triumph. She is a true politician, but more importantly, she is a dedicated mother. Her interest in the field of education began long before she started to campaign for “school choice”. In the beginning, she was simply mother that wanted the best for her children and who saw parents that felt the exact same way. Early on into her children’s education, she met a couple that sacrificed everything to send their children to a prestigious private institution. They explained to her and that the private school system within their district was lackluster and this was the only way they could ensure that their child got a quality education. It was hard on them, financially, but they were willing to give up everything to give their child this opportunity. That was when Betsy DeVos truly understood the importance of education, and how empowering a quality one can be for a child’s future.


After that encounter, she became more interested in securing scholarship opportunities and alternative funding for parents like these. With these particular parents, Betsy DeVos and her husband chose to fund their child tuition through a private scholarship. It made all the difference, and she saw that there were other students out there who needed an opportunity just like this one. She started work on the Michigan board of education, where she learned how bad the public school system had become. Over time she became an expert in public schools and began her comparison to alternative education methods. She explains in her interview with Philanthropy Roundtable that she discovered how important the notion of “school choice” was going to be for the American family. Today, she is one of the biggest supporters in a movement that is now considered commonplace.


In the beginning, Philanthropy Roundtable points out that she was still very much considered a radical in this field. Betsy DeVos never saw her position as radical, but as the beginning of a major change in the field of education. Now, she has been appointed the Secretary of Education. This is given her more power to work on those political goals and pave the way for alternative education. While alternative education will not completely wipe out the public-school system, it is poised to give it a much-needed jolt of competition. Betsy DeVos believes that the sense of complacency is one of the biggest factors that are leading to the disparaging numbers witnessed by many public school systems. They are, for lack of a better word, becoming lazy because they do not feel challenged by any other system and their student population is all but guaranteed. It is her hope that politicians like her will continue to crop up and fight for this change.


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