The Rise Of Obsidian Energy Ltd

There are various steps individuals and companies take to symbolize change. One such way is rebranding. This is done by changing and refreshing the framework of the institution and also at times even renaming. It is so in the case of Penn West Petroleum Ltd better known as Obsidian Energy Ltd currently, having been renamed in the year 2017.


With the change of name, it is evident that major changes have occurred within this oil and natural gas producing company. The company has managed to attain a better standing financially and thus has since managed to offset many of the debts it had.


This indeed has not been possibly achieved by a mere change of name alone. There are policies that Obsidian Energy has adopted as pillars in order to accomplish this.


For one, the company has adopted the spirit of accountability and transparency. This has seen to it that as it runs its operations. The operations are run in an open manner ensuring nothing goes on behind the scenes. It has also ensured those in charge of projects are able to give an account of how they have, for instance, distributed funds or how they arrived at certain decisions. More than that, they are able to take responsibility for the consequences of their actions.


Secondly, Obsidian Energy Ltd has become open-minded. This has enabled it to embrace and accept new ideas that pave way for change and further developments within the company. Go To This Page for more information.


Another pillar that has been adopted by Obsidian Energy Ltd is good conduct. This basically delves much deeper into work ethic. It goes further to instill hard work and diligence among the employees. The end result is that there is an optimum performance by each individual creating successes for the company as a whole.


Indeed, it must be noted that it takes a great and wise leader to know when change is needful. Dave French who is the current head of Obsidian has exemplified good leadership. Other leaders would benefit much by picking up a thing or two especially from the pillars he saw fit to be adopted at Obsidian Energy Ltd.


Obsidian Energy Ltd continues to be headed for even greater achievements. The company was at the apex of its success and was even among the sixty most prominent firms in the Toronto stock Exchange and was also a Canadian Royalty Trust  (CANROY).



Aloha Construction Offers Home Repair Services In The Chicago Area

Aloha Construction is one of the best construction companies. They have had a large number of customers, and many of them have written positive reviews. Unlike many home repair companies, they offer more than just a few services. You can hire them for just about any kind of home repair. These are some examples of their services:


Roof Replacement:

Aloha Construction is the company in northern Illinois for roof replacement. Their prices are affordable, and they have a lot of experience with roof replacement. They also offer roof inspections.


Shingle Repair:

Aloha Construction can replace shingles that blew off of your roof. They offer missing shingle replacements that will match the rest of your roof. In addition, you can use their services to have all of your shingles replaced.


Gutter Replacement:

The company offers many different types of gutters to choose from. Customers have said that all of their gutters are highly effective, and learn more about Aloha Construction.


Gutter Repair:

If your gutters are broken, the company can replace as many sections of them as necessary. They also are skilled at cleaning gutters.


Door Repair:

If your door needs to be repainted or refinished, the company can do that quickly. They also can replace a damaged door, and more information click here.


Window Repair:

Not only can the company replace a damaged window, but they can ensure that the windowsill prevents water from getting in.


Warranty And Accreditation:

Their services are protected by a ten year warranty. In addition, the company is Better Business Bureau accredited.


Contact Information:

Their phone number is (847)540-7711. If there is no one there to take your call, they’ll get in touch with you quickly if you leave a message. You can also contact Aloha Construction by email, and

Betsy DeVos Fights in the Face of Limitations

When Besty DeVos took the helm of the Department of Education she had no prior experience as a government official. Although she had never worked in government or been voted into an elected position, she was well known in Republican political circles in her home state of Michigan. Her reputation as an advocate for the expansion of all models of school choice had been well established by the time Vice President Mike Pence cast the deciding vote in favor of her confirmation.


DeVos spent her youth as a member of a privileged family in Holland, Michigan. She’s the child of Edgar Prince, an auto parts manufacturer known for his support of conservative causes. Her brother, Eric D. Prince is the founder and chief executive of Blackwater, the private security firm responsible for the deaths of 17 Iraqis during the Nisour Square massacre in 2007. DeVos attended and graduated from Calvin College. Calvin College is affiliated with the Christian Reformed Church. DeVos has spent her entire life with strong ties to the Christian Reformed Church. She married Dick DeVos, heir to the Amway fortune. Neither DeVos nor any of her children have attended public schools.


Those who have dealt with DeVos describe her as a personable woman who knows how to get what she wants. In Michigan, she donated money to candidates and openly expressed her desire to see results when it came to the issues most important to her.


People who know DeVos argue her approach to school choice comes from a sincere belief in the benefits of Christian education and a deep conviction that the current system of public education in the United States is failing students socially and educationally. Her point of departure, they claim, is to create a system where parents are empowered to choose what’s best for their child.


Others who have worked with DeVos over the years don’t deny her interest in creating strong communities or the fact that she’s invested millions of dollars into reinvigorating places like Western Michigan. But they do worry DeVos does not understand the solutions she supports might not work in places where parents are facing different challenges than those with which she is familiar.


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Todd Lubar Lets Us In On His High-Quality Tactics

Both Todd Lubar and Arthur Becker are well known for their visions and their creative thinking in the real estate industry.

Know-how, understanding along with working well with people are some of the skills both entrepreneurs credit for their success. Todd Lubar spent his early years in credit and banking while Becker’s background developed from technology and finance. Becker’s real estate investing of New York projects have been reported to be valued at more than $550 million.

Following his graduation from Syracuse University with a Bachelor’s degree, Lubar worked for financial companies that included Crestar Mortgage Corporation and Legacy Financial Group before launching Legendary Properties. He also founded Charter Funding and is the current president of TDL Global Ventures.

Lubar recently discussed issues that ranged from what inspired him, to his marketing strategies and his satisfying moments in the business in an interview at

According to Lubar, after working for 20 years he acknowledged his passion is to make it easier for people to carry out their aspirations. He does this by doing away with hurdles that impede their chances of securing loans or by offering them relief. Check out Yelp to see more.

Lubar revealed that specialized search engines, like Google, is one business tool that can assist people on their hunt for a home.

According to Patch, supporting customers while they build their business is rewarding for him and as that business thrives it is even more satisfying to him.

What’s more, Todd Lubar disclosed how his expertise in finance and real estate have helped him discover people who plan to take action in achieving their goals.

Lubar offered his advice to those who initially fail in business by stating they should never give up their motivation. And they should always continue to move forward while being wide open to new chances that come their way.

He also pointed out that through hard work he strives to keep his priorities in order so that he is aware of what is taking place at all levels of his company.

Lubar has also owned several other businesses in the automotive scrap metal recycling industry and industrial demolition.

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Daniel Taub – article recap

The Britain born diplomat, Daniel Taub disclosed his Israeli-ambassador certification to Her Royal Highness — during their first meeting. After honoring her with a head bow, Mr. Taub’s distinct outfit also presented an affirmation of his position, including the kippah. As an Israeli immigrant for more than 29 years, Taub detailed his view as a representative to the Queen.



With the fact, he had converted to and practiced Orthodox Judaism; Daniel Taub expressed his gratitude about having a double privilege. For Mr. Taub, recognizing Israel’s exile history and his family history in Britain is an excellent opportunity for raising his children in Israel. He shared with her the noble purpose of representing foreign citizens and the possibility to bring two countries closer.



Further, other guests in Britain’s Jewish community voiced Taub’s perspectives in having a common cause between the United Kingdom and Israel. The Israeli representative is well familiar with the country’s difficulties and presenting the citizen’s issues before their government. He has held many discussions with the media in Israel about the people’s willingness to cooperate with other states, for the sake of peace.



Thus, Jerusalem has had the pleasure of a long-standing connection with Britain under P.M., David Cameron’s guidance. Former London ambassador Daniel Taub believes the close association will continue under elected Prime Minister Theresa May — a proven friend of the Jewish community and Israel. Mr. Taub’s sentiments about Britain and Israel are the two countries must stay together on their collective efforts. And, this is despite the tense changes happening in the Middle East.



As the world’s financial and news center, Britain must play an essential part in Europe. Furthermore, the Middle East’s turmoil on the subject of how Iran secondarily supports ISIS and the war attacks in Gaza is the heart of the discussion among today’s ambassadors. Therefore, the primary concern is how Iran is receiving millions of dollars from its agencies and whether they would be truthful by keeping a peacetime agreement. At present, Iran’s nuclear capacities should be a worry for Israel and other countries.



However, Daniel Taub also recognizes the flexibility of Israel’s friendship agreement with Jordan and Egypt because of much disorder in the region. For other nations such as London, Saudi Arabia, and America, we share many of the same concerns. These interests provide an opportunity we can all build on and act as one in the confrontation against any violent disturbance or threat.



So, Mr. Taub is a native of Great Britain during the year 1962. He received his education in London at University College and Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. In 1989, he migrated to Israel and trained to become a combat medic in the Israel Defense Forces.


Moreover, as a representative of Israel to the UK from 2011 through 2015, Daniel Taub worked many other diplomatic and legal positions. Learn more:




Securus Technologies Is Addressing Illegal Cellphone Use In Prisons

Few people will deny the fact that the current prison system has serious issues. The overcrowding, lack of proper supervision, and proper rehabilitation methods give prisoners the right to act like caged animals instead of repenting offenders. Prisons in every state deal with gangs that have their own code of justice and their own form of governing. A prison in Northern California has six distinct gangs behind bars, and all of them use the prison system to do their gang dirty work on the outside. Gangs like the Mexican Mafia, the Aryan Brotherhood, the Nuestra Familia, the Northern Structure, and the Black Guerrilla Family are able to communicate with their brothers on the outside using cellphones that get through the prison security systems. Once these cellphones are in the hands of these modern-day mafia type members, things happen outside of prison walls, and those things are not pretty. Crimes are the flavor of the day when prison gang members order gang members on the outside to do their dirty work. Ordinary people feel the impact of these contraband communication weapons, and the prison system didn’t have a way to stop the illegal cellphone epidemic until now.



Securus Technologies is the company that provides legal communication services and other prison products that help prison officials deal with issues that are not part of the typical package of services that the criminal justice system puts in place. The system doesn’t want to initiate some services due to budget restraints, and the lack of proper supervision. Securus is the king when it comes to setting up phone calling systems that provide video calling and video visits as well as regular phone calls to friends and family. Securus executives know the importance of getting rid of illegal cellphones, but those executives know prisoners will always find a way to get their hands on an illegal cellphone. So Securus developed a Wireless Containment System that blocks cellphone signals inside of prisons. The Securus Wireless Containment System can also detect the location of these illegal phones when a phone is in use.



According to the feedback from prisons across the country, the Securus Wireless Containment System is working better than prison officials expected. Several prison officials thought the system wouldn’t work until they tried it. Thousands of prison officials are giving the Securus system a thumbs up. Detecting illegal cellphone use is changing the behind bars environment in prisons. And the Securus system is also boosting public safety by keeping prison gang members silent. The Securus location-based software is helping sheriff departments recoup cash, high-end goods, and drugs. According to several prison officials, the Securus recovery tool is becoming an essential weapon in the quest to make prisons function like prisons instead of holding cells for high-functioning gang members.




Luiz Carlos Trabuco Changes The Future Of Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is one of the leading people in the banking industry today. He did a great job while he was the CEO at Bradesco. Although he recently decided to leave the company, there are still many things that people can learn from his time at the company.

Not only was he able to increase sales and profits, but Luiz Carlos Trabuco was also able to change the culture of the company. There are many people who are excited about the future of the company. Bradesco has already started to search for the next CEO to replace him. Although he will be missed, the next CEO has a great opportunity to take the company to a new level.

Early Career

Luiz Carlos Trabuco had a dynamic career in the banking industry. Although he grew up in a poor family, he never wanted to stay poor. He did everything that he could to increase his overall knowledge on a variety of subjects. Not only did he go to school, but he decided that he was going to attend college in University of Sao Paolo.

College was difficult to get into at the time. Not only that, but there were no loan programs for students who wanted to attend college without the cash to pay for it. Luiz Carlos Trabuco had to work multiple jobs and save all of his money in order to go to school. Although it was tough, he was able to graduate and earn a degree in business.

One of the jobs that he had while in school was at a small bank. While he was working there, he was able to take on a variety of jobs in order to gain experience in the field. There are many people who have learned from him over the years.


Culture Change

When Luiz Carlos Trabuco became the CEO of Bradesco, there were many problems that he had to deal with. First of all, the company was in a bad financial state. Not only were sales declining, but the overall direction of the economy was going down. In addition, the culture at Bradesco was terrible. The turnover rate was among the highest in the industry. Luiz Carlos Trabuco knew that he had to fix the culture before he could make the changes that he wanted to in the business.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco decided to start making drastic changes in order to improve morale. Not only did he increase the pay for workers, but he also offered flexible schedules for people who wanted them. This allowed people to come and go as they pleased if they finished all of their work. This was a huge benefit that many employees enjoyed. Over a long period of time, the turnover rate at the company would eventually drop.

Future Plans

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has numerous plans for the future. Although he is no longer the CEO at Bradesco, he is still heavily involved in the banking industry according to Many companies ask his advice on a variety of issues. In the coming years, he wants to spend a lot of time with his friends and family.

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Sahm Adrangi

Investment is often an oversaturated field, one where it’s easy for talented individuals to blend into the woodwork. It is for that very reason that lends stand out investors so much additional clout, as it confirms their mastery of the field and its inner workings. One such investor is Sahm Adrangi, an accomplished professional with dozens of different enterprises that openly display his merit and natural talent for industry insight. Adrangi has amassed a treasure trove of skills over the duration of his investment career, including investment management, equities, valuation, restructuring, and hedge funds, among many others. As an investor, Adrangi is both practiced and wise, able to recognize opportunities and red flags alike with effortless confidence, and read full article.

One of Adrangi’s greatest achievements is his research investment firm, Kerrisdale Capital. Adrangi guides the firm as its Chief Investment officer, making calculated and difficult decisions for the massive operation on a daily basis. Kerrisdale Capital deals in conducting market research in both the short and long term, in order to help its clients make well informed and future-proof investments. The firm’s research also lends itself to making value-oriented investments into areas like public securities, a field in which the firm has found great success. The companies long time success speaks to Adrangi and his partner’s abilities as market analysts, as Kerrisdale Capital has seen success most firms can only dream of obtaining, and his Linkedin.

While the success of Kerrisdale Captial has been the product of a group effort, the one responsible for leading that group has been Adrangi from inception. Sahm Adrangi’s years of experience operating in the greater New York City area has lent itself wonderfully to leadership, a fact plainly seen from the multitude of successful professionals with which Adrangi has crafted long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships, and Sahm Adrangi’s lacrosse camp.

Sahm Adrangi’s years of experience and hard work have placed him at the top of several different investment fields. A leader, investor, and philanthropist all in one, Sahm Adrangi’s effects on the industry will be seen for years to come, and

Services Offered by Richard Blair’s Wealth Solutions

Wealth Solutions is one of the leading financial companies based in Austin. The company was founded by Richard Blair in the year 1994. In the 23 years that the company has been in existence, Richard Blair’s main goal has been to ensure that the lives of families, individuals and even small business owners have been changed positively. In order to do this, the company offers three main financial products.



Asset protection is one of the products offered by Wealth Solutions. Richard Blair often deals with wealthy families, individuals and businesses that have many assets but are not sure on how to effectively manage them. With this product, Blair acts as a partner to these clients and helps them to develop and implement strategies that will not only build on their wealth, but also protect it.




Another product offered by Richard Blair’s Wealth Solution is advisory. Blair assists his clients in every stage of retirement planning. He understands that in order for his clients not to struggle after retirement, it must be planned for in advance. Therefore, he helps them in building and managing wealth so that they can have something to live off after their retirement. Also, he helps them smoothly transition to life after retirement.



Financial planning is the third product offered by Wealth Solutions. Here, Blair helps his clients to learn how to invest, manage the wealth and plan for the future. You can subscribe to their financial learning center and receive weekly educational emails.



About Richard Blair


Richard Blair is a prominent name in the financial industry. He has a career spanning over 2 decades and a very impressive educational background. He is a Certified Annuity Specialist, Certified Tax Specialist, Certified Income Specialist, Certified Fund Specialist and Certified Estate and Trust Specialist. He started his career by founding his own company.



Growing up in a background where his mother was a teacher and also being married to a teacher taught him the power of teaching. Therefore, when setting up a business he combined both teaching and his love for finance and that was how Wealth Solutions was born.



Today, Blair thrives because his company uses some of the best strategies to achieve their customers the best results. He is a firm believer in customization because every client is always different, with different needs and different needs and goals. He also believes in the power of planning for the long term.


To learn more, visit


Lori Senecal talks about factors essential for the success of a business

A lot of people, especially the business-minded young people prefer venturing into business. Self-employment is the key to financial freedom. Self-employment doesn’t limit an individual on how much they can grow or the amount of money they can earn. An individual is only limited by their creativity and the amount of effort that they put in a particular task.

Recent studies reveal that over half million businesses are being set up every month in America alone. Despite a large number of businesses being set up on a daily basis, only a few succeed. Recent studies have also revealed that about half of the businesses that pick up eventually collapse within five years of establishment.

Various factors contribute to the success or failure of the business. However, there are things that a business owner can do to increase the chances of success for their business. Lori Senecal, an accomplished marketing expert, notes that one of the essential factors that contribute to the success of a business venture is proper advertising.

Lori Senecal notes that advertising is one of the crucial factors that can help to build and solidify trust and loyalty amongst customers. Advertising also helps a business to set apart from its competitors. Lori Senecal also notes that businesses should be ready to embrace technology. New technology helps a company to reach a bigger audience, it is more convenient, and it is flexible when compared to other forms of marketing.

Lori Senecal notes that a business needs to be creative and also strive to meet the consumer needs if it is to succeed in internet advertising. Some of the most modern methods of advertising include the use of social media such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Facebook has over 1.2 billion users, which makes it a great platform for a business to engage with their customers.

About Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is a visionary leader and a game changer. Lori is an innovator where she has created numerous advertising strategies that help businesses to achieve profitability. Her efforts to change the advertising industry has earned her a lot of accolades over the years. Follow her on Twitter

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